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Blogging tips

From, a good place to know. You can read more about it in their post.

Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.


8 secrets that can make your blog fly

This is from NPR’s Matt Thompson, who runs a blog called the Argo Project (Toronto Argos?) that appears to be a network of bloggers connected to NPR. While these lists of tips are common on the Web (see Secret #2, “Numbering is Narrative“), this should serve as a good list for class next spring. Also, […]

Writing, editing

I’ll return your first posts and go over some general reactions. Look back at the notes in the Feb. 15 post and the Rubric on grading your blogs.

Then we’ll look at links in the sidebar’s Writing category:, a set of tips from, my earlier post on How Not to Blog, and a […]

Next posts

Finish two more posts by next class (Wednesday). For guidelines on what makes a good blog, and blog posts, we’ll use this rubric from Sue Robinson at Wisconsin. Next class we’ll take a look at what you’ve written to this point and continue discussing what makes a good post. Consider the following lists:

Blogging mechanics […]