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April 28

Before I outline tonight’s agenda, a reminder that Ben Kalina will be in Comm Center 101 this Friday (May 1) from noon to 3 p.m. If need be, he said he could stay later. Your group will get participation credit (see Syllabus) if at least one person is there with content to work on.



April 14

Quick agenda this time

Give back Goldbacher posts with some lessons and last call (five people; if you didn’t get one back you didn’t get one done) Update on slide shows; here we have more than half of them not done at this point. I’ll leave some time at the end to help post/FTP them […]

March 24

Seems this is networking night, as several of us have to be at events all or part of the evening. Often at this time when I am asking you to go out into the field, we would give credit for that and reduce class time (in some years we have been able to shoot during […]

March 17

It’s video session No. 1 with Ben Kalina of Mangrove Media, so I will try to take a back seat.

I will give back and comment on the and audio assignments that were due last week, so if you did not get one posted, you can still submit and get some […]

April 24

OK—the final assignment is up on the Assignments page, and it also links to a rubric that will be used in grading the video component. We’ll take a look at those two documents.

Then it’s last call for slideshows (three people), with some time at the end to resolve those, as well as to allow […]

April 22


you should have access to Holroyd 165 with ID swipe; they have FCP 6 (CS2) so you can’t edit on 7 and continue there, but you can start there and finish it on 7; also Jon can be available if you come to that room at 2 this Friday and next Vinny Vela will […]

Video formats

OK—here is a chart of some basic video formats. Our goal is to capture good enough HD that we could produce a DVD or broadcast-quality video, but also to post it on YouTube or Vimeo in a format to optimize file size and quality.

For posting on Vimeo, see these guidelines (videos on the right […]

April 10

Continuing on …

A bit of a soap box first. Several people for various reasons, some of their making, some not, did not cover an Easter Food Drive event. In the former case, you need(ed) to come forward and admit and explain that to me; in any case, we needed to talk to make alternative […]

YouTube downloads

In connection with Bernadette’s question, You might want to get a downloader for YouTube videos.

Tools menu->Add-ons and then search for youtube download. I use one called Download YouTube videos as MP4 1.5.9

After you install it you’ll get a little button next to the Like/Don’t like icons. This one allows downloads as MP4 or […]

March 27

The monitor is back up, so we’ll take a quick look at some of the movie reviews. That includes a reminder about embedding YouTube video (see example on Tech Notes page—we’ll do that as well).

Then we need to do some checking in on the group planning—who has a camera (our Panasonics?), what type, who […]

Video conversion, audio this week

If you are trying one of the Panasonic cameras (don’t forget they also take good-quality stills), you might want to consider this free video converter (not sure if it times out) from Cool Utils.

Free video converter (?)

Also when you are out reporting on the food drive, consider taking an audio recorder […]

March 20

First of all, things are moving along with the project—it’s going to be called Explore Nutrition, so you can use that in your slideshows, reporting, etc.

Today we will look at

two more background resources: an Economics of Obesity academic paper as a handout, and a link to the Shorenstein Center on nutrition issues look […]

March 18

Agenda for today, mainly continuing Soundslides and introducing video:

a handout from the Wall Street Journal on menu calories at McD’s and note the food elasticities study I posted March 5 (below) reminder to get in movie reviews (should be back to you Wednesday) look at a few more instructive slideshows finish exploration of Soundslides; […]

March 13, Soundslides

Take a look at the second installment on the slideshow assignment. Then go back to the examples of slideshows on the Feb. 27 post.

You’ve got a Soundslides handout by Michelle Johnson from Gaylord Institute/AEJMC seminar. I’ll also link to another rubric for the images (Sue Robinson, Wisconsin) and a PDF on video and audio […]

Windows Live MovieMaker

Once again Microsoft has decided to reinvent one of its own wheels. The Movie Maker that we have in the lab, which ships with Vista and now Windows 7 looks like an almost-new interface. Some of you may have access to the old version, which i discuss and used here. But for tinkering today, we […]

Fran Ryan talk

OK—this is going to have to be done in parts. Video is a bandwidth hog, and we have about 35 minutes of video. I used Prism to convert the files to WMV files to open in MovieMaker. Depending on what generation of Flip camera you have it will probably save as MP4 which MovieMaker cannot […]

Media Storm

One more if we have time. Brian Storm’s MediaStorm project is a great place to go for inspiration. You might start with this story, “Finding the Way Home,” about Hurricane Katrina that could have some parallels with your final project.

And Brian Storm is doing a live chat February 2 (don’t worry, he’s not that […]

Student work

I’d like to archive some examples of student work for later classes, in case their blogs disappear. Here is a video that shows some good (and problematic) techniques in an interview. Note the audio, transitions, credits.

Here is a Soundslides show (demo version used, blog-sized) that has some good images tied to the narration, with […]

More social media (and video conversion)

First, the video file converter you’ll need to work in WMM is called Prism. It’s by the same poeple who make Switch for audio. Get the trial version, but use it right away as it expires quickly.

To continue our discussion of social media and their role in journalism, here are three more links:

Knight […]

Video in final package

Seems there are some issues with converting Flip camera MP4 files to WMV to use in Windows Movie Maker. You can make a movie in FlipShare but that’s a last resort. Also, with the time remaining, there’s no need to make a video just to practice.

I’m looking into a file converter. Bring either your […]

Video editing (WMM)

We will walk though Windows Movie Maker today, hopefully with video you have shot of your interview subject. I found out that the FlipShare did save both its original images (MP4 for most versions of the cameras) and the “shared” WMV files in Users->your folder->Video->Flipshare data->Videos, so you could use the ones we made last […]

Video, Flips and how not to flop

Some of you will (should) be finishing the slide show, so we’ll get a few headsets if you need to voice your narration. However, we need to keep pushing ahead, and give everyone the chance to to start work on your video over Easter break. (See Schedule for recent changes).

The assignment is in the […]