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Videos, Soundslides

A reminder that you can get the full trial copy of Soundslides and then bring your files (be sure you have everything in one project folder folder; there’ll be several folders starting with 200_200 400_300 and so on, as well as the publish_to_web folder if you’ve already done an Export; also be sure you have […]

March 24

Seems this is networking night, as several of us have to be at events all or part of the evening. Often at this time when I am asking you to go out into the field, we would give credit for that and reduce class time (in some years we have been able to shoot during […]


We will use Soundslides (our software, and like Audacity, sort of the standard, powering for example New York Times shows). For now, take a look at their site, support, etc., and these examples:

Indiana student who was new to multimedia Indiana student who had a good deal of experience at photography. One from our Great […]

Feb. 27

OK—hope you are all up on what happened with the new nutrition labels. Here is tonight’s agenda:

take a look at the posts yesterday and assign you the next Nutrition Issues post: 200+ words on what was actually decided, with some art (I took my own picture of a yogurt label) and at least two […]

April 10

Continuing on …

A bit of a soap box first. Several people for various reasons, some of their making, some not, did not cover an Easter Food Drive event. In the former case, you need(ed) to come forward and admit and explain that to me; in any case, we needed to talk to make alternative […]

April 8

Big day (aren’t they all?). Three main areas to address:

Slideshows—status of content, work on Soundslides on laying out slideshow and Export to Web (see March 18 post) Issues related to press conference Wednesday with Jule Ann Henstenburg, director of La Salle’s Nutrition Program (plan on one person in your group doing a video; check […]

Video conversion, audio this week

If you are trying one of the Panasonic cameras (don’t forget they also take good-quality stills), you might want to consider this free video converter (not sure if it times out) from Cool Utils.

Free video converter (?)

Also when you are out reporting on the food drive, consider taking an audio recorder […]

Test Soundslides embed

Recall that I pasted the embed code supplied by the Soundslides embed tool (link in March 18 post) into the Text window of the dashboard, not the Visual. Also you can do more before you embed (resize it, etc.) and you should pick a template in Soundslides that fits your color scheme.


March 18

Agenda for today, mainly continuing Soundslides and introducing video:

a handout from the Wall Street Journal on menu calories at McD’s and note the food elasticities study I posted March 5 (below) reminder to get in movie reviews (should be back to you Wednesday) look at a few more instructive slideshows finish exploration of Soundslides; […]

March 13, Soundslides

Take a look at the second installment on the slideshow assignment. Then go back to the examples of slideshows on the Feb. 27 post.

You’ve got a Soundslides handout by Michelle Johnson from Gaylord Institute/AEJMC seminar. I’ll also link to another rubric for the images (Sue Robinson, Wisconsin) and a PDF on video and audio […]

February 27: churches, slideshows, movie review

We now have our list of other participating churches, food pantries, etc. The best place to see them all is on the Google map that I have updated (I suggest you link to this somewhere or try embedding it as I have done here. A caution for iframe embeds is to paste the code in […]

Soundslides 1

This will be slideshow week. After a brief update and review of your audio pieces, we will jump in to telling a story with images and sound. Remember that you have guest experts to help with visual storytelling next week.

You’ve got two Soundslides handouts (from Poynter; by Michelle Johnson from Gaylord Institute/AEJMC seminar) and […]

Soundslides embed

Just saw this on Campfire Journalism. It said (but help page was done in 2008) that you can use embed code for, but not .com. So that problem remains. But the SoundSlides utility here lets you create the embed code for a video you have in a Soundslides publish_to_web folder. This is the result:


Slideshows and taking stock

Here’s the plan for today:

update on who owes what (law, ethics, 8 posts) another look at Soundslides (e.g. Movement under Slide Info can be useful e.g. as a zoom effect but even that can be overused) photo tips explained and a look back at some examples; plus here are a few more: force the […]

Posting Flash (.swf) in Soundslides

As I was saying in the previous post, playing a Soundslides presentation directly in WordPress, rather than on an HTML page (via its publish_to_web feature) has a non-obvious solution. You’ll see that at this point I have links only. I tried to Add Media via Upload/Insert but got only the link again. It’s exported as […]

Soundslides and slideshows part 2

Your assignment is to create a slideshow with audio that lasts from 1:30 to 2:00. It needs a narration at least, but for extra credit and a better product, you can also add recorded sound/interviews and music. For free music, try The procedure is up to you but here are some tips:

storyboard the […]

Practice photos

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ The King’s Way, Prague