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Welcome OJ15

This year’s iteration of COM 356 will be the same, only different—as in past years, you will be working all semester on food, nutrition and health with an emphasis on La Salle’s efforts in those areas. That means as noted that there are a lot of resources contained within this blog and website that you […]

Jan. 30 II

First the overview:


there’s a visit from Mary Kay Meeks, executive director of Face to Face next Tuesday, Feb. 4 12:30 in the Dunleavy Room (Union); you are welcome to come, shoot some photos/video all blogs are up on the sidebar look at the items to check in Part I below check in on […]

January 30: I

Agenda for part one today. Be sure you are good with the following:

Be able to optimize a photo in Photoshop Be able to post photos to your blog (Add Media button above the ribbon) Continue review of your WordPress blog. Note that I am now on WordPress 3.5 (as are you). Note new options […]

The Rise of Social Media

A video of Clay Shirky shared from (Note sharing from this site allows only a link, not an embed.).

Recorded 2009, as a follow-up to the success of Here Comes Everybody.

NYU sociologist Clay Shirky

The Rise of Social Media.


Metropolis top 10s

Studies show that people read lists on the Web (Top 10 ways to …). This time of year they are popular, of course, so to start thinking about Philadelphia community online journalism in 2013, here are the Top 10 lists from Tom Ferrick’s Metropolis, a site you should get to know as we proceed. Take […]

AEJMC 2012

Chicago this time

Just a few take-aways from 2012 AEJMC

News consumption moving to mobile aggregators notably Flipboard with Zite and Trove also mentioned Tom Rosenstiel argues that print journalism will survive, and that the problem is revenue, not readers; one direction may be for papers to become more magazine-like Newsroom losses are […]

Poynter workshop

Just got back from three busy days at the Poynter Institute in Florida. I was there in 2010 during the first version of the Online Journalism class, and needed updates—this one was called Teachapalooza. The best resource to table here for now is a Tumblr blog that stores many of the resources from our time […]

Journalism interactive conference

Conference for j-profs, spun off of ONA

OK—it was about 10 days ago, but here are a few highlights. For a quick sense of what happened in the October snow check out the conference site. While there, go to the Resources page for some key links and podcasts of many of the […]

Cool conference

This looks good—a conference specific to both online journalism and education. Most about education (e.g. AEJMC) are only intermittently about online and most about online (e.g. ONA) are only partially about education. So I will be there one way or the other and take back ideas for next spring’s iteration of this class in […]

Pulitzers, social media in Syria

Just to keep the conversation going … here is a link to this year’s Pulitzer Prize winners for journalism (Isabel Wilkerson did not win the General Nonfiction book award). Take a look at the lead video in the Explanatory Reporting category, noting the simple use of explanatory text as supers or separate slides, the mix […]

Twitter, Google, Soundslides

Some non-binding recommendations left over from class this week:

Watch the demo for Batch Geocode and then try it out with an Excel file. This is a key one to say you have experimented with. Super easy. For Google maps, there’s also a video (surprise—but it’s really hard to stumble upon) that sounds as if […]

In the news this week

As a Lasallian, we thought you might be interested in the iPhone confession app that got a bit of a reaction this week.

This piece on AOL‘s hiring spree is likely to be of interest, not just for its discussion of Patch. (Sorry—looks like that piece is no longer free online.)

And photojournalists were rather […]

Examples from the field

Professor Collins thought you should see this example from

Egyptian student blogger

And here’s Anderson Cooper making use of a Flip camera in a tight spot.


ONA 2010

At the end of October I spent three days at the Online News Association conference in DC. A lot of the presentations are on their site. It’s a big event—about 1,200 people—with a professional focus but also a strong academic contingent. I went there to get a sense of the field—which is vibrant—but also […]

Data visualization

David McCandless gave this TED talk recently. Some of it is stuff anyone can do with numbers and a bit of Photoshop skills, such as the Billion Dollar-o-Gram—some took a lot of crunching and programming, such as the organic supplements graphic, which took a month to create a two-page image.

There’s a good writeup at […]

Sharing content

There’s a growing trend toward creating outlets online for students to publish content. Sometimes this is in concert with the college paper and website (new AP word), but what’s interesting are initiatives that go beyond that. Some colleges are filling gaps that local media no longer cover, as Inside Higher Ed discussed recently.

Two that […]

Future of journalism

We will discuss where we thing journalism is going, based on the handouts from The Economist, Clay Shirky, John McManus and Beatty. Take notes as I want a post (the take-home “final exam”) on your views. You can get a copy of my notes here. These readings should be enough, but a good post will […]

Social media, part 1

This week and next we’ll return to how the face of journalism is changing, in particular due to social media. “Social media” these days probably refers to Facebook and Twitter, although you could news aggregators like diggit, MySpace for the younger crowd, and others we could add later. DO blogs count?

I want you to […]

Penn State student bloggers

OK. Let me post the link to the story (thanks to Elliott Parker of the Journet listserv) and then see if I can embed the video. It’s not in the list that the Viper’s Video widget adds to the posting toolbar, so I’ll have to try the code here, just inserting the URL […]

Blogging and journalism: what’s the connection?

I mentioned this in a post last week. We’ll use a thesis from Jill Walker Rettberg’s Blogging book to discuss how blogging and journalism can and might intersect. Briefly, (I’m conflating two lists) she says that blogs:

can supply first-hand reports about breaking events such as the war in Iraq or Hurricane Katrina (obviously a […]

Future of journalism w/Charlie Rose and many bigwigs

These videos were pointed out on Journerdism. I plan on using some of these for discussion in class. For example, the first interview is with Arianna Huffington (Huffingtom Post) and Tom Curley (CEO of AP and a La Salle grad). Further down, Sullivan lists some older interviews including one with Chris Anderson of Wired (and […]