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January 27


Agenda for today. Be sure you are good with the following:

You sent me the (correct) URL. Be able to optimize a photo in Photoshop Be able to post photos to your blog (Add Media button above the ribbon) In Settings, look at Reading to be sure your Blog is the home page and […]

Playing audio

This turns out to be a bit of a can (of worms). Sort of like video embeds. You’ll note in the post below that I could only get a link to the MP3. I have since installed the Audio Player plug-in and have to see if it gives me a fourth option in the install […]

Start your blogging

After we finish our quick look at HTML, CSS and PHP, we’ll talk about RSS feeds. You need to have one set up wherever you work most often.

Then it’s time to jump in. My blog is hosted at (note the URL), which was done with a “manual installation.” You might want to do […]


First, we’ll discuss the reading from the Rettberg book, “What is a Blog?” Take note of the following for later:

What are the three types of blogs she defines? What can you learn from each example? What IS a blog—how do you know one when you see one? What are HTML and CSS and what […]