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This is the plan for the semester. Additions and changes to the schedule are to be allowed for, even expected given the nature of the course. There will also be provisions for you to contribute new topics and directions to the course trajectory.

Date Topics Off-line resources (others TBA)
Jan. 17 Introduction, syllabus, class blog; student blogs, projects;
Work on student blogs, first posts; blogging tip sites, Reuters webinar
Briggs Foreword, Preface, Introduction, chaps. 2, 3, 6
Jan. 24 Clean up and extend blogs; blogging tips;  Story forms, Discussion Group 1: Nieman, Reuters, Pew, articles Meg Liebsch visit/interview
Jan. 31 Blog check; Net vs. Web, HTML, CSS, RSS, PHP, etc. Work on HTML, CSS, FTP; PHP; Photos: photo optimization, posting, assignment Briggs Chap. 1
Feb. 7 Continue coding exercises, blog work; AP style; Audio; pyramid of competency; Group 2: Digital journalism tools Briggs Chapter 7;
Feb. 14 Blog updates, critiques, commenting on student blogs; Audio (cont.), audio assignment, Audacity
Feb. 21 Editing, posting audio; Soundcite; work on code (Re-read Briggs Chapter 6)
Feb. 28 Review blog posts, audio; Snapchat/Instagram stories
Group 3:social media journalism
Briggs chap. 8
(Re-read Briggs chap. 3)
Mar. 7; Excel; Canva; blog touch-up; Adobe Spark slideshow/stories assignment; Poynter webinar on Snapchat/Instagram stories
Mar. 14 Spring Break
Mar. 21 Poynter webinar on interviewing; Photo, cameras; my JVL study; teams; Group 4: mobile journalism, editing Possible guest speaker from Billy Penn
Mar. 28 Group 3 presents; Webinar on Snapchat/Instagram stories; Adobe Spark, slideshows/photo
Apr. 4 Group 4 presents (mobile); Canva/Infogram/Excel charts/infographics; gravatars Briggs chaps. 4, 5
Holroyd 167 editing (3:15-4:45)
Apr. 11 Finish slideshows/stories; Law and ethics, post; Dr. Kathy Olson, Lehigh U. (media law and ethics)
Apr. 18 Webinar on voice; interviewing, writing tips; reporting plans, final story packages; video Holroyd 167 editing (3:15-4:45)
Apr. 25 Google maps, analytics(?); writing tips; Timeline.js (FYI); back to video, B-roll  for interviews; Briggs chap. 9;
Holroyd 167 editing (3:15-4:45)
May 2 Project work; review video footage Briggs chap. 10, 11; Holroyd 167 editing (3:15-4:45)
May 9 Final projects due; final meeting if problems


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