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February 7

Back on track, we hope. Today we will

finish posts on Pew, Reuters and McManus and on Meg Liebsch’s visit look at readings for next week’s post on Facebook, from CJR and Monday Note; as before the assignment is is at least 400 words (this is down from 500) includes at least one Tag and […]

January 24

The main activities this week will be the visit and interview with Meg Liebsch, and the presentation by Group 1 (Peter and Ewelina) on the readings from Reuters, Pew and Nieman reports. For both of those you (including Group 1) will need to finish a blog post by next week that:

is at least 500 […]

January 17

Hello. This is going to be an adventure. I taught this course from 2010 to 2015, and also taught COM206 one time, so this blog has a lot of resources to draw from. At the same time, it means that I have been following online journalism and digital news from the sidelines, so I’ll be […]

Exploring Nutrition list

Here is the full list of the 11 places that Exploring Nutrition is currently working with. You should be welcome to contact and get an interview with any of the six that we were not assigned to. They all got food during the Easter Drive, so you can use that angle.

Dr. Goldbacher II

Please note on her request, that I edited a piece out of Part 3 of Dr. Goldbacher’s presentation (below) in which she discussed Weight Watchers. You need to respect the source’s right for exclusion of content, especially when you id not explicitly ask for it. If your blog [post for this week mentioned Weight Watchers, […]

February 17

Tonight …

final call on photo assignment—exteriors if you have nothing else, but report on your organization and what LGU is doing upload and link to your HTML/CSS page; all FTP access has been confirmed by IT do the PHP page and FTP that to and link to it (on Other page or whatever […]

Dr. Goldbacher

Here is the video from last week’s class. Note that audio levels are low—last time you might recall with Tom Wingert he was in front of the desk. So that slight distance makes a difference. You can download this and use a bit of it in your groups video, and try to boost the audio […]

Dr. Goldbacher’s slides

Here are Dr. Goldbacher’s PowerPoint slides from last night’s presentation. I’ll post a video to YouTube video eventually, probably early next week. So watch this space.

Also no news yet on plans for next weekend. And slideshow deadline as we said last night is to be determined.

Tom Wingert on HuffPo

As promised, here are two posts by Tom. As he is coming to speak to class next week (Jan. 23) it would be good if you read these beforehand. Try to come in with some questions.

A Fire Spreads Why Cooperation is Key to Creating Change

Tom Wingert

For example, how does his […]

Week 12

Lots to do in these areas: Soundslides/slideshows; data visualizations, mapping; microblogging, other media

For Soundslides, follow the tutorials and the practice files below (La Salle photos, Munster Cloak music to get a quick project done, export and upload the publish_to_web folder (you can rename that) to Create a title slide in Photoshop (useful also […]

Great Migration video

Take a look at this for inspiration for your projects.

By River, By Rail (must be viewed on campus or when logged in through the portal)

It’s one of the resources on our library’s LibGuide which is full or useful material(go to Video tab, then Films on Demand in the Films Media Group panel top […]

Photo basics

To prepare for your “Signs of Hope” posting, we’ll use this photo, part of my continuing Florida State Fair series. You need to

get a copy (Right-click Save Picture As in IE, Save Image as in Firefox; if photo is a thumbnail itself, use Save Link As in IE or Save Target As in Firefox)) […]


You have a handout from Jill Rettberg’s 2008 book Blogging, from the Digital Media and Society Series. When you read that his week, jot down some responses to the following:

What are the three types of blogs she defines? What can you learn from each example? What IS a blog—how do you know one when […]

Photo manipulation and The Economist

After a while, it’s a bit difficult to remember where you see things, what with several RSS feeds and general browsing. But I thought this would be worth discussing in Editing & Publishing this fall.

The Economist caught some flak for Photoshopping an image of President Obama on its June 19th cover.

From […]

Final reactions (and gravatars)

In lieu of a final exam, I want you to write a brief “take-home exam” (reaction paper) that responds to the questions below. Put a printed copy in my mailbox (Olney 141) by next Wednesday, May 5, and indicate on that other new work that is up on your blog (audio, slideshow, social media post, […]

American Press Institute, April, 2009

These are the three key presentations from this seminar last spring. These discussions and our look at social media should bring us to the final discussion of the future of journalism (“journalism”?) next day. Don’t forget to post on social media’s role, and you’ll get one more assignment (sort of a take home exam) next […]

Ethics and images

As a followup to yesterday’s discussion, take a look at this example of how prevalent green-screen techniques have become:

And you probably remember this from 9/11:

Photoshop-ed plane



Think about some of the ethical issues that journalists and bloggers face. We might bring them up today, but the plan is to cover them Monday or Wednesday(heavy-duty discussion days). Use the following resources:

the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Code of Ethics (also a handout) Al Tompkins’ of the Poynter Institute “Social Media Guidelines“ […]

Just an update

We have lots to finish from the last two posts. I made some adjustments on the Schedule page, but to reiterate the plan is

look at your blogs finish writing tips including comments on Story Structure, Tone and Details/AP visit the three Writing links and my post on How not to Blog open Firefox and […]

Delicious, Firefox, and a quick visit to Google

Open Firefox and find the following add-ons:

post2delicious official delicious add-on

You should be able to install these in the lab. The second one should add a set of bookmarklets to your toolbars. More importantly, you will need these at home. Start building your own set of delicious ( links and get used to using […]

Catch up and adjustments

First, I’ll be posting some comments and changes on the Schedule page, so take a look there this week. In general, I’ll out things there that I want to be more permanent.

Second, we need to get everybody to the same point. I still need two people’s URLs, and everyone needs:

two posts of 200-300 […]

Testing an iframe embed from Google Maps

OK. This is the embed code:

View Food near my place in a larger map

Know your competition

For next class

read the Rettberg chapter “What is a Blog?” and be prepared to discuss that Monday. explore, and for blogs that are in your proposed topic area(s). Be prepared to show an example that you like (or dislike) and save links for posting on your blog later on. […]