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ONA 2010

At the end of October I spent three days at the Online News Association conference in DC. A lot of the presentations are on their site. It’s a big event—about 1,200 people—with a professional focus but also a strong academic contingent. I went there to get a sense of the field—which is vibrant—but also […]

AEJMC conference

Back from five days at the main journalism educators conference. The main threads I was pursuing were:

avenues for students to get content published online. This is a research project that got a real boost here. I heard from lots of schools that partnerwith local media (LSU, Columbia College, UMass, BU, USC, Arizona State, CUNY, […]

Student work

I’d like to archive some examples of student work for later classes, in case their blogs disappear. Here is a video that shows some good (and problematic) techniques in an interview. Note the audio, transitions, credits.

Here is a Soundslides show (demo version used, blog-sized) that has some good images tied to the narration, with […]

Sharing content

There’s a growing trend toward creating outlets online for students to publish content. Sometimes this is in concert with the college paper and website (new AP word), but what’s interesting are initiatives that go beyond that. Some colleges are filling gaps that local media no longer cover, as Inside Higher Ed discussed recently.

Two that […]