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Final story package

Story package

The final story assignment is up on the Assignments page and also here. Note that you will begin with a reporting plan assigned April 18, and that assignment has more details about the video component. For now, take a look at what you will need, maybe track down the data, and […]

March 24

Seems this is networking night, as several of us have to be at events all or part of the evening. Often at this time when I am asking you to go out into the field, we would give credit for that and reduce class time (in some years we have been able to shoot during […]

Next posts

Finish two more posts by next class (Wednesday). For guidelines on what makes a good blog, and blog posts, we’ll use this rubric from Sue Robinson at Wisconsin. Next class we’ll take a look at what you’ve written to this point and continue discussing what makes a good post. Consider the following lists:

Blogging mechanics […]

Slate culture blog and story ideas

This is also from fimoculous (shows the virtue of subscribing to RSS feeds). The blogger, Rex Sorgatz, notes new “culture blogs” on Slate (called browbeat on the page but Brow Beat in the <title> tag) and GQ.

What’s most useful here is the use of a NYTimes interactive map on Netflix rentals by ZIP code […]