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March 28

Hello—my name is John Beatty … it’s been a while. For that reason I have adjusted the Schedule and Assignment pages from this week forward, so let’s start with a quick look there. Then I’ll give back the last posts (Pyramid/skills). I’d like Group 3 to present next and you all will write a post […]

Pheed video, links

OK–here are videos from last night’s visit by Becca Long and Molly Mahon.

Part 2:


Also, this is the Facebook fake news story I mentioned (the National Public Radio (NPR) story about it) and an earlier PEW Research Center study on how people get news from social media including Facebook. And Twitter […]

May 1

Last class. We’ll try to make it quick, so you can have time to coordinate final video plans if need be. Remember that there will be a Final Cut session in Holroyd 165 at 2 p.m. tomorrow if anyone needs help. I can also arrange to have that lab open next week.

Beyond that the […]

January 30: I

Agenda for part one today. Be sure you are good with the following:

Be able to optimize a photo in Photoshop Be able to post photos to your blog (Add Media button above the ribbon) Continue review of your WordPress blog. Note that I am now on WordPress 3.5 (as are you). Note new options […]

Twitter for journalists

This one deserves its own post. At the top of of Twitter for Newsrooms you’ll see a link to a 25-page PDF on what they think you should know, and also one for sports reporters.

I’ll also post this in the sidebar as well under Journalism and Social Media.


April 29 social media

For the rest of these, I’ll just post a few links:

Facebook has its own page for Journalists. The moderator is Vadim Lavrusik Early (2009) Poynter piece on use of Facebook by journalists Some Twitter tips: from Poynter (Kelly Fincham) Jay Rosen (NYU prof.) Leslie-Jean Thornton’s Twitter cheat sheet Sree Srinivasan (Columbia dean) from CollegeMedia […]

April 29

Some links left on data, maps to go over from Wednesday. ONA member Ken Blake says no journalism student should graduate without knowing the basics of spreadsheets (Excel) and I’d add databases (Access). So you should be sure you can make your own Excel chart and post it in your final blog post.

Here are […]

February 4

First, some links from the blogosphere:

What do you think are the top social media sites? (Courtesy Poynter’s Al Tompkins). Did you hear about Applebee‘s social media meltdown? (Courtesy ONA Facebook Group) Jay Rosen frames the whole old/new journalism debate in two paragraphs (courtesy of Twitter)

Next class we will discuss these, Shirky and the […]

The Rise of Social Media

A video of Clay Shirky shared from (Note sharing from this site allows only a link, not an embed.).

Recorded 2009, as a follow-up to the success of Here Comes Everybody.

NYU sociologist Clay Shirky

The Rise of Social Media.


Poynter workshop

Just got back from three busy days at the Poynter Institute in Florida. I was there in 2010 during the first version of the Online Journalism class, and needed updates—this one was called Teachapalooza. The best resource to table here for now is a Tumblr blog that stores many of the resources from our time […]

Pulitzers, social media in Syria

Just to keep the conversation going … here is a link to this year’s Pulitzer Prize winners for journalism (Isabel Wilkerson did not win the General Nonfiction book award). Take a look at the lead video in the Explanatory Reporting category, noting the simple use of explanatory text as supers or separate slides, the mix […]

Twitter, Google, Soundslides

Some non-binding recommendations left over from class this week:

Watch the demo for Batch Geocode and then try it out with an Excel file. This is a key one to say you have experimented with. Super easy. For Google maps, there’s also a video (surprise—but it’s really hard to stumble upon) that sounds as if […]

ONA 2010

At the end of October I spent three days at the Online News Association conference in DC. A lot of the presentations are on their site. It’s a big event—about 1,200 people—with a professional focus but also a strong academic contingent. I went there to get a sense of the field—which is vibrant—but also […]

Sites we discussed today

Here are some of the key sites that came up in our discussion of social media:

LinkedIn Digg TinyURL Tweetdeck (desktop version)

More social media (and video conversion)

First, the video file converter you’ll need to work in WMM is called Prism. It’s by the same poeple who make Switch for audio. Get the trial version, but use it right away as it expires quickly.

To continue our discussion of social media and their role in journalism, here are three more links:

Knight […]

Social media, part 1

This week and next we’ll return to how the face of journalism is changing, in particular due to social media. “Social media” these days probably refers to Facebook and Twitter, although you could news aggregators like diggit, MySpace for the younger crowd, and others we could add later. DO blogs count?

I want you to […]