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Playing audio

This turns out to be a bit of a can (of worms). Sort of like video embeds. You’ll note in the post below that I could only get a link to the MP3. I have since installed the Audio Player plug-in and have to see if it gives me a fourth option in the install […]

Widgets and plugins, and cleanup

First, plugins technically only are allowed at a site like this one. But you might find the functionality built in to your theme, or there may be widgets to do the same thing. My site has these plugins

Viper’s Video All in one SEO Pack Akismet Sociable PollDaddy GWeather All in one AdSense Google […]

Weather plug-in is buggy

Beware the GWeather plug-in. It throws a fatal error on occasion, which is very scary—the post can’t be edited, right sidebar disappears, etc. A few reboots, or maybe just some time, solves the problem so far.

Other plugins

At this sitting I installed:

Akismet Viper’s Video Sociable PollDaddy

First two are fine. Sociable shows the sharing icons on my About page, but not the home page (maybe that’s the intent). I made a quick poll for PollDaddy but it seems not to exist … ?

Gravatar and and plugins

Source of my gravatar

In a comment below I mentioned that I got a gravatar icon so I have an image when I comment. It can be done from within WordPress, but I didn’t know that. So now it seems that process has set me up with a account as well.

That […]