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Group 3 presentation

Here’s a link to today’s presentation on independent news media by Trevor and Morgan.

New digital tools

Thought I’d point you to a key site called EducationShift, part of PBS’s MediaShift effort. This piece notes some new digital tools that E4ric newton suggests working journalists try.

PBS initiative

This is a tough landscape to navigate—one year’s Twitter is next year’s Everyblock—but you should keep an eye on what the industry […]

February 4

First, some links from the blogosphere:

What do you think are the top social media sites? (Courtesy Poynter’s Al Tompkins). Did you hear about Applebee‘s social media meltdown? (Courtesy ONA Facebook Group) Jay Rosen frames the whole old/new journalism debate in two paragraphs (courtesy of Twitter)

Next class we will discuss these, Shirky and the […]

The Rise of Social Media

A video of Clay Shirky shared from (Note sharing from this site allows only a link, not an embed.).

Recorded 2009, as a follow-up to the success of Here Comes Everybody.

NYU sociologist Clay Shirky

The Rise of Social Media.


AEJMC 2012

Chicago this time

Just a few take-aways from 2012 AEJMC

News consumption moving to mobile aggregators notably Flipboard with Zite and Trove also mentioned Tom Rosenstiel argues that print journalism will survive, and that the problem is revenue, not readers; one direction may be for papers to become more magazine-like Newsroom losses are […]

Journalism interactive conference

Conference for j-profs, spun off of ONA

OK—it was about 10 days ago, but here are a few highlights. For a quick sense of what happened in the October snow check out the conference site. While there, go to the Resources page for some key links and podcasts of many of the […]

Cool conference

This looks good—a conference specific to both online journalism and education. Most about education (e.g. AEJMC) are only intermittently about online and most about online (e.g. ONA) are only partially about education. So I will be there one way or the other and take back ideas for next spring’s iteration of this class in […]

ONA 2010

At the end of October I spent three days at the Online News Association conference in DC. A lot of the presentations are on their site. It’s a big event—about 1,200 people—with a professional focus but also a strong academic contingent. I went there to get a sense of the field—which is vibrant—but also […]

Future of journalism

We will discuss where we thing journalism is going, based on the handouts from The Economist, Clay Shirky, John McManus and Beatty. Take notes as I want a post (the take-home “final exam”) on your views. You can get a copy of my notes here. These readings should be enough, but a good post will […]

Social media, part 1

This week and next we’ll return to how the face of journalism is changing, in particular due to social media. “Social media” these days probably refers to Facebook and Twitter, although you could news aggregators like diggit, MySpace for the younger crowd, and others we could add later. DO blogs count?

I want you to […]

Future of journalism w/Charlie Rose and many bigwigs

These videos were pointed out on Journerdism. I plan on using some of these for discussion in class. For example, the first interview is with Arianna Huffington (Huffingtom Post) and Tom Curley (CEO of AP and a La Salle grad). Further down, Sullivan lists some older interviews including one with Chris Anderson of Wired (and […]