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Henstenburg videos

Here are the videos from this week, in three parts. Still waiting on other links, PowerPoints.

Part 1 (10 minutes)

Part 2 (13 minutes)

Part 3 (15 minutes)

April 7

Tonight …

Posts are due tonight on Dr. Goldbacher. You got a message about the videos, her PowerPoints, and some other data earlier this week If you want to download any of what I shot get a download add-on such as Download YouTube as MP4 which is for Firefox; note the Download button added to […]

Videos, Soundslides

A reminder that you can get the full trial copy of Soundslides and then bring your files (be sure you have everything in one project folder folder; there’ll be several folders starting with 200_200 400_300 and so on, as well as the publish_to_web folder if you’ve already done an Export; also be sure you have […]

February 24

You got my note over the weekend, so you know this will be the night of many returns. I’ll give back and go over some lessons from the photo assignment, the coding and the ENP post. Then we will

have discussion #3 with Erin, Amanda and Cody open the two demo files and experiment with […]

February 3

Tonight’s agenda:

Links from last week on photos, RSS, Twitter, etc. The Pheed Philadelphia post is due tonight. When I grade that I will also be checking that your blog is set up properly, so that means: Under General be sure your blog Title and Tagline make sense. Start your Categories and Tags under the […]

Pheed video, links

OK–here are videos from last night’s visit by Becca Long and Molly Mahon.

Part 2:


Also, this is the Facebook fake news story I mentioned (the National Public Radio (NPR) story about it) and an earlier PEW Research Center study on how people get news from social media including Facebook. And Twitter […]

May 1

Last class. We’ll try to make it quick, so you can have time to coordinate final video plans if need be. Remember that there will be a Final Cut session in Holroyd 165 at 2 p.m. tomorrow if anyone needs help. I can also arrange to have that lab open next week.

Beyond that the […]

Goldbacher new version Part I & II

OK—here is a re-exported version of Dr. Goldbacher’s presentation from April 4. This is to get it in HD in case you want to use a clip (some people indicated that in their reportring plans), and also to break it into two parts. That is required to get it in YouTube, where the limit is […]

Prof. Henstenburg videos

Here is part one of three parts of Professor Henstenburg’s presentation last week. This is edited only to set the start point. Note that the three parts were necessitated when the battery failed, and then the smart card was full. Not necessarily a bad thing, but i couldn’t easily reset the camera, so the angles […]

April 17

Tonight’s agenda:

look at what NPR is doing with new media (post below) return Goldbacher assignment, comments, chart, video check in on status of slideshow content (due next week) and video from food drive, other visit from Prof. Jule Ann Henstenburg; ASSIGNMENT: Write a 200-plus word post on our guest’s visit tonight; the angle is […]

Dr. Goldbacher

Here is the video from last week’s class. Note that audio levels are low—last time you might recall with Tom Wingert he was in front of the desk. So that slight distance makes a difference. You can download this and use a bit of it in your groups video, and try to boost the audio […]

April 3

Main areas for tonight are planning for slideshows and video, prep for our visitor at 7, the “press conference,” and post assignment, and looking at slideshow design and tutorials, then practice with my photos and sound file, and try embedding a test in your blog. A reminder that we will be in lab in Holroyd […]

March 27

First, a quick issue to discuss: LA Times earthquake story written by a bot

Then the agenda:

return and discussion of three assignments:; nutrition labels; audio assignment of teams for the final video project (and any other planning or sharing as you see fit); you will still be doing individual slide shows (let me […]

Feb. 27

OK—hope you are all up on what happened with the new nutrition labels. Here is tonight’s agenda:

take a look at the posts yesterday and assign you the next Nutrition Issues post: 200+ words on what was actually decided, with some art (I took my own picture of a yogurt label) and at least two […]

Nutrition (and assignment) heads-up


Do calories really count?

I’ll post a full schedule tomorrow, but for now, you should start following the story about new nutrition labels being proposed by the White House Thursday.

This is part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, which you should be following for your blog. So keep an eye and […]

Tom’s talk

Here is the talk Tom gave last night. Note if you watch this directly on YouTube the quality is better–any thoughts?


January 23

OK—hope you all survived the snow.

The agenda for tonight:

be sure I have the URL for your blog so I can post them in the sidebar go over the basics of your blog to be sure it’s up: Title, tagline, first post, About page, your profile/photo, did you use categories and tags for your […]

April 22


you should have access to Holroyd 165 with ID swipe; they have FCP 6 (CS2) so you can’t edit on 7 and continue there, but you can start there and finish it on 7; also Jon can be available if you come to that room at 2 this Friday and next Vinny Vela will […]

Henstenburg, Palermo IV

Here’s the last one. About 7 minutes. First thing in response to the question (Lauren’s ?) about her research is the notion of “positive deviants,” people who do better than expected.

Education, working through churches stores (sort of the whole project) explained (3:10)

Dana’s work with FG customers doing lessons on weight loss, etc. (4:10)


Henstenburg, Palermo III

Here’s Part 3: about 11:40 long.

At the 2:30 to 3:30 mark they discuss the fact that Philly doesn’t have the money to support school lunch programs (good quote for Wagner team, perhaps)

Cooking skills are going away (5:00)

Access to good food is not enough (7:30) people need to buy more at FG, it […]

Henstenburg, Palermo interview II

Here’s part 2. It’s about 10 minutes. Early on Jule Ann talks about how there are two groups—those who can shop elsewhere easily and those who can’t.

Also at about 3:30 she describes the “big dilemma” which is that lower SES people tend to be more obese.

At 6:20 she says that malnutrition directly impacts […]

Henstenburg, Palermo interview I

I’ll post these here in four parts. Jon Matos also will have video (he was closer) so stay tuned for that (check his blog). These are going to be on YouTube, so get the downloader add-on (see my YouTube video post below.

This one is 8:50 long. Note levels are still a bit low for […]

April 17

Hope everyone is ready for the interview/video with our guest. Before we get to that a few pieces of housekeeping:

remaining reporting plans returned with comments status of slideshows (last time I checked we still have only 10 of 18); there will be time at the end of class to work on getting those posted, […]

April 8

Big day (aren’t they all?). Three main areas to address:

Slideshows—status of content, work on Soundslides on laying out slideshow and Export to Web (see March 18 post) Issues related to press conference Wednesday with Jule Ann Henstenburg, director of La Salle’s Nutrition Program (plan on one person in your group doing a video; check […]

March 20

First of all, things are moving along with the project—it’s going to be called Explore Nutrition, so you can use that in your slideshows, reporting, etc.

Today we will look at

two more background resources: an Economics of Obesity academic paper as a handout, and a link to the Shorenstein Center on nutrition issues look […]

Fresh fruit in urban food deserts

Just got pushed a ink to a brief piece from the Journalist’s Resource Center at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on the press. Another good place to know—take a look for now and we will come back to this as needed. Note that you probably need to go through ProQuest to read the full study.

The […]

February 27: churches, slideshows, movie review

We now have our list of other participating churches, food pantries, etc. The best place to see them all is on the Google map that I have updated (I suggest you link to this somewhere or try embedding it as I have done here. A caution for iframe embeds is to paste the code in […]

NHNP presentation

OK—here is a link to Tom Wingert’s PowerPoint presentation, and an embed of the video. For any MSOffice file, it’s best to save it as an Office 97-03 file (with extension .ppt or .doc) FTP it to the server, and link to that. Files made with Office 2010 versions are saved as XML files […]

February 4

First, some links from the blogosphere:

What do you think are the top social media sites? (Courtesy Poynter’s Al Tompkins). Did you hear about Applebee‘s social media meltdown? (Courtesy ONA Facebook Group) Jay Rosen frames the whole old/new journalism debate in two paragraphs (courtesy of Twitter)

Next class we will discuss these, Shirky and the […]

Week 2 wrap-up, update

We did not get to a discussion of the Clay Shirky reading, “Everyone is a media outlet,” so I’d like to put that on the agenda for Wednesday. Monday, be sure everyone has a copy and has read the questions on the January 16 post.

We will also start building more background resources for our […]