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Week 2 outline

OK—here’s the plan:

Meet with Cherylyn Rush of La Salle’s Multicultural Affairs department (Olney 124); SPJ Ethics guidelines. Discuss your experiences taking photos in the community last week (Try these three questions: What did you learn? What surprised you? What do you want to know next?) Finish posting pictures, take a look at some work, […]

Widgets and plugins, and cleanup

First, plugins technically only are allowed at a site like this one. But you might find the functionality built in to your theme, or there may be widgets to do the same thing. My site has these plugins

Viper’s Video All in one SEO Pack Akismet Sociable PollDaddy GWeather All in one AdSense Google […]

Static front page

I just created a static front page so that the blog is not the first thing users see. While that worked (following instructions at, it did result in another link to the front page in the nav bar. The codex suggests changing parameters in the wp_list_pages template tag, but that sounds as if it […]

Favicon, logo

Well, the embarrassing finding is that there is an Atahualpa Theme Options dashboard page (under Appearance) that I never saw. So that has wizard-like methods to change a lot of the things I mentioned in my posts last week.

Some of those (e.g. link color) would have been pretty easy to locate (css.php) but others […]

Theme from scratch

Am building a theme as discussed in Lesson 6. Didn’t see the <title> that I tried to create with

<?php bloginfo(‘JBtest’); ?>

Ah—because ‘name’ is part of the command, not an argument I can supply. Fixed that now, to read

<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>

Images in header

OK—also pretty easy. The original images with Atahualpa (raspberries, leafy stuff) were JPEGs (not PNGs), at 1300 X 160. I cropped a set of three of my La Salle photos to those dimensions, and FTPed them to


and took out the originals. No need to rewrite anything in the PHP (makes sense as it […]

Themes, again

OK—this has to be it for the HWG course, at least. I know others are using Atahualpa, but after the course we’ll all head our separate ways. I had other options, but wanted one that supported pages, so that I can have a place for other class materials.

I also still want to see the […]