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Jan. 30 II

First the overview:


there’s a visit from Mary Kay Meeks, executive director of Face to Face next Tuesday, Feb. 4 12:30 in the Dunleavy Room (Union); you are welcome to come, shoot some photos/video all blogs are up on the sidebar look at the items to check in Part I below check in on […]

Huff and puff — no trolls here

OK—here’s one more to get us going. The Huffingtom Post last month decided to require all commenters to their site to be registered. Think about that:

what is gained by this move? what or who is lost? how will this affect their community? are there alternatives?

Read this piece, also from Poynter and let’s see […]

Examples from the field

Professor Collins thought you should see this example from

Egyptian student blogger

And here’s Anderson Cooper making use of a Flip camera in a tight spot.


ONA 2010

At the end of October I spent three days at the Online News Association conference in DC. A lot of the presentations are on their site. It’s a big event—about 1,200 people—with a professional focus but also a strong academic contingent. I went there to get a sense of the field—which is vibrant—but also […]