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Assignment Assigned Due
Post on Group 1 discussion (see blog)
Meg Liebsch talk (see blog)
Jan. 24
Jan. 24
Feb. 7
Feb. 7
Coding intro (see blog) + photo Feb. 7 Feb. 14
Post on Facebook news Feb. 7 Feb. 14
Post on Group 2 discussion Feb. 14 Feb. 21
Post on Pyramid of Competence Feb. 21 Feb. 28
On the street (audio) Feb. 21 Mar. 28
Post on Group 3 discussion Mar. 7 Apr. 11
Spark Slideshow or Snapchat/Instagram stories; Mar. 28 April 11
Post on Group 4 discussion Apr. 18 April 25
Reporting plans + Video Apr. 18 April 25 (extra credit)
“Writing With Voice and Structure” Lane DeGregory webinar post Apr. 18 April 25
Infogram/Canva/Excel infographic (see blog post April 11) April 11 April 18
Kathy Olson talk April 11 April 18
Video (see reporting plan) April 18 May 9 with final project
Final story packages; April 18 May 9 with final project
Data visualization, Google map, Knight Lab project
Others: final assignment (mid-term feedback, small homework assignments; blog comments)


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