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April 11

Another fun-filled day, I expect. Let me set down the agenda first, then we can take a look at the Assignments page to confirm where we are at.

  • Go over last week’s post
  • Remind you to try different themes if yours isn’t loading well (e.g. Morgan and Julia both did, they now load faster and they look more current); also if anyone still has the “Let the Journey begin” post, you should delete it
  • due today are the post on Group 3/independent journalism and the slideshow; Morgan mentioned that Spark may be available with Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), but the version I have in my office and in H-167 do not have that installed
  • Presentation by Dr. Olson on Media Law Online; as before there will be a post due next week, with the same requirements:
    • at least 400 words (this is down from 500)
    • include at least one Tag or one Category for each
    • have a compelling title or headline (downstyle = cap only first word and proper nouns), catchy lede, and conclusion (see the three blogging links from Websitebuilder, SmartBlogger and copyblogger; you should return to these throughout the semester) a photo or graphic as you see fit, and at least three links; here’s another link on good blog posts from Melyssa Griffin


  • Group 4 (Julia, Stephen, Buck) presents on Mojo; Julia is ill, but we will expect Stephen and Buck to do the presentation; post on this also due next week, requirements as above
  • Did you bring a photo? Time to update your profile, which will also mean that you are linked to Gravatar or you can do the update right in Gravatar which is now linked to WordPress (it should show up in our next app)
  • We will listen to the audio/podcasts and check the posts
  • On to Canva to make an infographic; see my demo on Emerging Tech Blog/Tech Stuff—it’s embedded via a link to Canva. We will
    Create an account; log on a a student (.edu email); explore what it can make (Instagram posts, resumes, etc. etc.); go to More->Blogging->Infographics->Open template and then pick one and edit the text, move elements, try adding icons, etc. so that it is yours (you’ll need on for your final story package); Share (note WordPress option) you can also Save and download as a PNG; link/embed on your Tech Notes page by next week
  • If we can get this far, Make an Excel chart (see Emerging Tech Blog/Tech Stuff and also this blog’s Tech Notes inserted as a PNG; add data and labels manually; select all; Insert->Recommended charts->Clustered column (try some other e.g. pie—does that make sense here?); change chart design, format title, change fill color for text, etc.; select Plot area and put a border on it; Right click Save As picture (PNG); Add Media to get it into your Tech Notes page
  • On to Infogram (formerly; here’s their intro video (tutorials are there to explain all those steps): You can also use this to get a graphic into your final package (think of where you could get data on your topic); We will
    (A) Create Account; Log in; take a look at what yhey make (lots of social media content, animated GIFs, etc.); Go to Maps select USA Map, change to Grouped; Edit data; spreadsheet opens; add values for the missing states (Oregon, Indiana), add a title or subtitle; Share and try embed code or link as a back up on static image (PNG or JPEG) that you download and post on Tech Notes
    (B) Re-create the color preference chart; Choose Blank template->Add chart->Column->Grouped; edit data, enter manually as with Excel but without the %; Add Y-axis title (Percent) change colors of USA to orange and Canada to Blue (note also custom color and HTML Hex codes); try embed codes or download and link to static image that you post on Tech Notes

We shall see …


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