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April 4

Hope you got the message. The change that made today Monday was also not apparent on the portal, as far as I could see. Anyway, here are some links that might be helpful concerning Spark (tutorial that sort of matches your assignment), how to post a slideshow on Instagram, how to think visually in a blog post (from and seven iPhone photo tips.

Then a recap of where we are at, with plans for next week.


  • no class today (Monday schedule is being followed)
  • deadline for post on independent journalism (presented by Group 3/Trevor & Morgan) is now next week, 4/11
  • do some reporting, think about some questions for next week’s guest, Dr. Kathy Olson: her areas are media law and ethics, particularly intellectual property, copyright, fair use and right of publicity (hint: what is the DMCA?); what are other legal areas of concern for online journalists (you could start your post for 4/18 on general issues, then segue to Dr. Olson and issues she discussed); what is on her resume? where does she teach (OK—it’s Lehigh), what is her background?
  • bring a mug shot for a gravatar next week
  • deadline for slideshows/Spark assignment is still next week, 4/11

Next week:

  • group 4 (Julia, Stephen, Buck) presents next week on mojo (mobile journalism—note there are some legal issues raised in those articles)
  • presentation by Dr. Olson
  • return of audio assignment and listen to clips
  • infographic assignment using Canva (see demo on my Emerging Technology Tech Stuff page), Infogram (formerly and Excel charts
Dr. Kathleen Olson, Lehigh U. media law professor

Dr. Kathleen Olson, Lehigh U. media law professor

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