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April 25

Here’s a first take on the plan:

Note how Canva embeds on but not Hand back Olson post and Canva/Excel graphics A reminder that due today are posts on mobile journalism (Group 4) and Lane DeGregory’s webinar on finding your voice

Pulitzer Prize winner for feature writing – Tampa Bay Times


Links for posts

Here are links you will need to do your two posts for next week. For Group4 Mojo:

The four articles (note where one cites author of another piece):

Mojo Handbook released MediaShift article World News publishers Article by Ivo Burum, one of the handbook authors

Group 4’s PowerPoint

For Lane DeGregory webinar on voice, here […]

April 18

Bit off a bit too much last week … but we time left to get things done, leaving out some topics planned for the next two weeks (Google analytics, custom Google maps, the Knight Lab i.e. Timeline.js). So today, not necessarily in this order:

Start with the live NewsU webinar with Lane DeGregory on finding […]

Final story package

Story package

The final story assignment is up on the Assignments page and also here. Note that you will begin with a reporting plan assigned April 18, and that assignment has more details about the video component. For now, take a look at what you will need, maybe track down the data, and […]

Dr. Olson’s presentation

Here are Professor Olson’s PowerPoint slides.

April 11

Another fun-filled day, I expect. Let me set down the agenda first, then we can take a look at the Assignments page to confirm where we are at.

Go over last week’s post Remind you to try different themes if yours isn’t loading well (e.g. Morgan and Julia both did, they now load faster and […]

April 4

Hope you got the message. The change that made today Monday was also not apparent on the portal, as far as I could see. Anyway, here are some links that might be helpful concerning Spark (tutorial that sort of matches your assignment), how to post a slideshow on Instagram, how to think visually in a […]