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March 28

Hello—my name is John  Beatty … it’s been a while. For that reason I have adjusted the Schedule and Assignment pages from this week forward, so let’s start with a quick look there. Then I’ll give back the last posts (Pyramid/skills). I’d like Group 3 to present next and you all will write a post by next week (April 4) on the topic of independent journalism and its future. So:

  • This time we start with just one article from Media Shift
  • As before the assignment is:
  • at least 400 words (this is down from 500)
  • include at least one Tag or one Category for each
  • have a compelling title or headline (downstyle = cap only first word and proper nouns), catchy lede, and conclusion (see the three blogging links from Websitebuilder, SmartBlogger and copyblogger; you should return to these throughout the semester) a photo or graphic as you see fit, and at least three links; here’s another link on good blog posts from Melyssa Griffin

Then I’ll handout the slideshow assignment that’s due in two weeks, with the rubric I use for grading visuals. One option for that is to do either an Instagram or Snapchat story. We’ll watch a bit of a NewsU webinar that I archived on these. I have other resources for next week, but here’s a good Snapchat guide. For slideshow ideas here’s one I did using Soundslides for this course.

The King's Way, Prague

The King’s Way, Prague


Then it’s on to photos. I have my basic tips on the assignment, and here is a venerable photo composition site and a page from Vimeo that included the rule of thirds and tops for framing video for your final package. I expect most of you will want to get to know Spark, so well play with that next (see the previous [post). Note some of the Inspirations there (try travel and look for video; Paris; Rwanda; Social Cause). To have something to work with here are some photos and a quick video:


Finally, group 4 (Stephen, Buck and Julia) will present on the articles about mobile journalism (“mojo’): 1 2 3 4 and you will post on that for the following week.

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