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February 28

This time I’ll start with some of the plan and add to it later. So …

  1. Return the posts on journalism apps with comments
  2. Group 3 presentation on big companies taking over journalism (if both Trevor and Morgan are back healthy) based on the MediaShift article; posts on that will be due after break (March 21; see point 3)
  3. Listen to this podcast on the power of audio–we might post on that later, but for now you have the audio assignment due next week so nothing else is due; podcasts are hot
  4. Look at a cool voice app called Soundcite from Knight Labs at Northwestern U. See my demo on Tech Notes page. There are other projects there we might get back to later including Timeline.js and a 3-D one that seems to have vanished.
  5. Experiment with mixing your clips in Audacity(or other app if you brought that); how’s this example?
  6. Post to SoundCloud and see if it plays (test on your Tech notes page for now)
  7. Ask that you bring a photo/mug shot for next week that you can add to your profile (which will connect you to

Soundcite JS


For Audacity if you’re using it, here is a quick guide from La Salle, and my list of tips that we (mostly) went over last week:


Some tips

  • Try the timeshift tool (double arrows) if you want to move some of your narration in between quotes
  • select, go to Effects->Amplify as another way to adjust sound besides the Envelope tool—can also decrease volume here
  • Effects -> Fade In and Fade Out are the only others you should need although you might try Noise removal (see handouts)
  • you can do the export to MP3 without using Quick Mix (in the handouts)
  • split any stereo track, then just delete (use X) rather than convert to mono
  • the spacebar plays and stops in most AV editing software
  • you have already found Record (red button); use Skip to Start/END (Purple arrows) to move around
  • be sure the Project Rate (bottom left corner) is 44100 Hz;
  • don’t forget to locate the Audacity project file (.AUP) the data folder, your original file from the recorder, and your exported MP3
  • we will upload from a URL (see Tech Notes page); you will have to write a short piece of code in the visual editor that looks like this in square brackets []:

See this link for how to post from SoundCloud to For posting to WordPress directly, you would  need to FTP the MP3 file to (remember PSWD = For SoundCloud you’d need an account and then upload to their site. Note the file formats that SoundCloud supports (not .m4a)

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