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February 21


  • Give back the Facebook posts and the HTML/CSS-PHP-photo Tech notes and go over them a bit
  • Look at the Pyramid of Competence as a group and assign your post on it for next week; consider these questions:
    • What might seem overrated or out of place here? Why are certain items adjacent to each other? What might still be missing? Pick one and explain what it entails (e.g. judgment, or numeracy) How much of this should reside in one journalist?
    • also discuss this 2015 Knight Foundation article on 10 basics for today’s journalists; what’s different? Same? Where are competencies headed?
    • As before the assignment is:
    • at least 400 words (this is down from 500)
    • include at least one Tag or one Category for each
    • have a compelling title or headline, catchy lede, and conclusion (see the three blogging links from Websitebuilder, SmartBlogger and copyblogger; you should return to these throughout the semester) a photo or graphic as you see fit, and at least three links; here’s another link on good blog posts from Melyssa Griffin


  • Group 3 (Trevor and Morgan) presentation assigned for next week on how online/social media companies are taking over journalism; start with this Media Shift article and add two others from their links or links that you locate
  • Start audio assignment (see Assignments page and handout) with tips from Mark Brooks on interviewing (handout) and a quick Audacity guide (handout) and the online manual (also comes with Audacity install)
  • Practice an Audacity project with external headset mic (be sure to plug it in before opening Audacity), this music file, a phone Voice memo that will need this audio converter (to go from .m4a to .mp3 for import to Audacity); maybe try for this basic output example; for later go to the Creative Commons search for free music (also in the Legal links)

Audio project will be due in your blogs March 7, with a post that introduces your topic, describes how you did the reporting (“I decided to goon campus and ask … “), at least one visual (as noted, ask people if it’s okay to take their picture) and the sound file embedded from SoundCloud. We’ll go over that process next week (preview the instructions from project project

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