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February 28

This time I’ll start with some of the plan and add to it later. So …

Return the posts on journalism apps with comments Group 3 presentation on big companies taking over journalism (if both Trevor and Morgan are back healthy) based on the MediaShift article; posts on that will be due after break (March […]

February 21


Give back the Facebook posts and the HTML/CSS-PHP-photo Tech notes and go over them a bit Look at the Pyramid of Competence as a group and assign your post on it for next week; consider these questions: What might seem overrated or out of place here? Why are certain items adjacent to each other? […]

February 14

How about a quick list this time:

Return 2 blog posts with comments Hand out my quick AP style tips for future posting Give you a rubric for any story or post that we do Finish posting the HTML/CSS page Do the PHP page and post that Optimize and post the fair photo Presentation from […]

February 7

Back on track, we hope. Today we will

finish posts on Pew, Reuters and McManus and on Meg Liebsch’s visit look at readings for next week’s post on Facebook, from CJR and Monday Note; as before the assignment is is at least 400 words (this is down from 500) includes at least one Tag and […]