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April 28

Before I outline tonight’s agenda, a reminder that Ben Kalina will be in Comm Center 101 this Friday (May 1) from noon to 3 p.m. If need be, he said he could stay later.  Your group will get participation credit (see Syllabus) if at least one person is there with content to work on.


Quick summary of SD, HD

Quick summary of SD, HD

  • return previous work
  • watch the B-roll video from Transom
  • questions on customized Google map and embedding for final?
  • go over the requirements for the final story package (handout, see Assignments)
  • guidelines for compressing video from YouTube and Vimeo; handout on video formats (above)
  • our Community Health Data Base link, (go to Data Analysis Tool at bottom; log in information on board) comparison data from NIH and a source for ZIP codes and other city data (what ZIP codes cover the ENP area?)
  • build a quick Excel chart, export it as a PDF, open in Acrobat Pro and Export as JPEG or just slect chart, copy and paster into Photoshop, save as JPEG (asctually better quality)
  • maybe go over how to do an animated GIF in Photoshop; for use in Final Cut, you can convert it to .MOV file here or in Photoshop-> Export->Render movie and choose .MOV
  • Twitter official tips on journalism and Twitter media page and Facebook for journalists
  • note Storify (below) and
  • how to generate blog traffic (below)
  • I have my writing tips here, although they are more feature (not hard news) style



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