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April 28

Before I outline tonight’s agenda, a reminder that Ben Kalina will be in Comm Center 101 this Friday (May 1) from noon to 3 p.m. If need be, he said he could stay later. Your group will get participation credit (see Syllabus) if at least one person is there with content to work on.




Here’s a quick Storify on the earthquake in Nepal. It’s all drag-and-drop, but you have to go through each possible source to get the content (icons in top right). For some quick tips here’s what journalism profs have been doing, and a Storify on how to Storify. Note mention of verifying—you might end up going […]

Getting traffic to your blog

Before our final agenda, here are two places to get good summary tips on blogging. If you work in the online content environment, you would need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and writing good content. These slides cover both. Another resource is Copyblogger, with this set of 11 tips that are shown in […]

April 21

The agenda:

Return and review old Golbacher, Henstenburg, and slideshow assignments; watch some slideshows; go over rubric (handout) Discussion Group #6 (Zach, Jordan, Mike S.) Reminder that we have an editing session with Ben Kalina, now noon – 3 p.m., Friday, May 1 in COMM center 101 A nice piece on shooting B-roll from […]

Exploring Nutrition list

Here is the full list of the 11 places that Exploring Nutrition is currently working with. You should be welcome to contact and get an interview with any of the six that we were not assigned to. They all got food during the Easter Drive, so you can use that angle.

April 14

Quick agenda this time

Give back Goldbacher posts with some lessons and last call (five people; if you didn’t get one back you didn’t get one done) Update on slide shows; here we have more than half of them not done at this point. I’ll leave some time at the end to help post/FTP them […]

Henstenburg videos

Here are the videos from this week, in three parts. Still waiting on other links, PowerPoints.

Part 1 (10 minutes)

Part 2 (13 minutes)

Part 3 (15 minutes)

April 7

Tonight …

Posts are due tonight on Dr. Goldbacher. You got a message about the videos, her PowerPoints, and some other data earlier this week If you want to download any of what I shot get a download add-on such as Download YouTube as MP4 which is for Firefox; note the Download button added to […]

Dr. Goldbacher II

Please note on her request, that I edited a piece out of Part 3 of Dr. Goldbacher’s presentation (below) in which she discussed Weight Watchers. You need to respect the source’s right for exclusion of content, especially when you id not explicitly ask for it. If your blog [post for this week mentioned Weight Watchers, […]

Videos, Soundslides

A reminder that you can get the full trial copy of Soundslides and then bring your files (be sure you have everything in one project folder folder; there’ll be several folders starting with 200_200 400_300 and so on, as well as the publish_to_web folder if you’ve already done an Export; also be sure you have […]