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March 31


Update and provisional plans for slideshow assignment (1) cover the food at the churches and pantries (2) shoot exteriors of the 11 places involved with the food drive; recall YouCaring site Dr. Edie Goldbacher, department of psychology; as before, you will write a 300+-word post on her presentation, including a head with a verb, […]

March 24

Seems this is networking night, as several of us have to be at events all or part of the evening. Often at this time when I am asking you to go out into the field, we would give credit for that and reduce class time (in some years we have been able to shoot during […]

March 17

It’s video session No. 1 with Ben Kalina of Mangrove Media, so I will try to take a back seat.

I will give back and comment on the and audio assignments that were due last week, so if you did not get one posted, you can still submit and get some […]


We will use Soundslides (our software, and like Audacity, sort of the standard, powering for example New York Times shows). For now, take a look at their site, support, etc., and these examples:

Indiana student who was new to multimedia Indiana student who had a good deal of experience at photography. One from our Great […]

March 10

Here’s the plan:

return items intern possibility for summer at BillyPenn sign up for discussion #4 next week; in addition to earlier suggestions (e.g. NYTimes innovation report, or Andrew Sullivan links), here’s a piece with a long video on best writing practices for Twitter (and we’ll try the retweet test) reminder that audio and an […]