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February 24

You got my note over the weekend, so you know this will be the night of many returns. I’ll give back and go over some lessons from the photo assignment, the coding and the ENP post. Then we will

have discussion #3 with Erin, Amanda and Cody open the two demo files and experiment with […]

Audio update

A reminder that the audio assignment is now due March 10, the first class after break. Here is a useful link from our educational technology folks on options for recording and posting audio. It covers SoundCloud (you can record directly), Audacity (and this is the PDF I handed out) and getting an app that’s better […]

February 17

Tonight …

final call on photo assignment—exteriors if you have nothing else, but report on your organization and what LGU is doing upload and link to your HTML/CSS page; all FTP access has been confirmed by IT do the PHP page and FTP that to and link to it (on Other page or whatever […]

News, views, discussion

Some links on matter pertaining that might be useful for Discussion #3 next week.

Don’t forget about the NY Times leaked report from last year Facebook’s new fake news flag (see earlier post) Time magazine last year on what you thought you knew about the Web—it’s wrong Blogger Andrew Sullivan stopped blogging and why that […]

February 10

How about a short agenda for a relaxing evening …

What’s up with the LGU groups? Feedback, lessons and planning—end of the week maybe for photo essay? Discussion #2 featuring Mike, Mark and Henryk Grading and return of Pheed posts, with lessons for later; includes look at state of blogs, titles, etc. Finish our HTML […]

February 3

Tonight’s agenda:

Links from last week on photos, RSS, Twitter, etc. The Pheed Philadelphia post is due tonight. When I grade that I will also be checking that your blog is set up properly, so that means: Under General be sure your blog Title and Tagline make sense. Start your Categories and Tags under the […]