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Pheed video, links

OK–here are videos from last night’s visit by Becca Long and Molly Mahon.

Part 2:


Also, this is the Facebook fake news story I mentioned (the National Public Radio (NPR) story about it) and an earlier PEW Research Center study on how people get news from social media including Facebook. And Twitter […]

January 27


Agenda for today. Be sure you are good with the following:

You sent me the (correct) URL. Be able to optimize a photo in Photoshop Be able to post photos to your blog (Add Media button above the ribbon) In Settings, look at Reading to be sure your Blog is the home page and […]

January 20


The agenda for tonight:

be sure I have the URL for your blog so I can post them in the sidebar go over the basics of your blog to be sure it’s up: Title, tagline, first post, About page, your profile/photo, did you use categories and tags for your post; refer back to Mindy […]

January 13 plan


Each week there will be a post or two that will make up our schedule for the classes. Blogs, of course, add the most recent post to the top, so take a look at the date of posting to find the post to start with.

Today, we are going to:

talk a bit about […]

Welcome OJ15

This year’s iteration of COM 356 will be the same, only different—as in past years, you will be working all semester on food, nutrition and health with an emphasis on La Salle’s efforts in those areas. That means as noted that there are a lot of resources contained within this blog and website that you […]