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April 24

After we get things rolling, and I return a few items including reporting plans, we will have “lab” time to finish Soundslides, including narration, final export, FTP, and the gigya shortcode to embed it in your blogs. Most of these details are back in the April 3 post and you have a handout on the […]

Goldbacher new version Part I & II

OK—here is a re-exported version of Dr. Goldbacher’s presentation from April 4. This is to get it in HD in case you want to use a clip (some people indicated that in their reportring plans), and also to break it into two parts. That is required to get it in YouTube, where the limit is […]

Prof. Henstenburg videos

Here is part one of three parts of Professor Henstenburg’s presentation last week. This is edited only to set the start point. Note that the three parts were necessitated when the battery failed, and then the smart card was full. Not necessarily a bad thing, but i couldn’t easily reset the camera, so the angles […]

April 17

Tonight’s agenda:

look at what NPR is doing with new media (post below) return Goldbacher assignment, comments, chart, video check in on status of slideshow content (due next week) and video from food drive, other visit from Prof. Jule Ann Henstenburg; ASSIGNMENT: Write a 200-plus word post on our guest’s visit tonight; the angle is […]

New digital tools

Thought I’d point you to a key site called EducationShift, part of PBS’s MediaShift effort. This piece notes some new digital tools that E4ric newton suggests working journalists try.

PBS initiative

This is a tough landscape to navigate—one year’s Twitter is next year’s Everyblock—but you should keep an eye on what the industry […]

April 10


last call for posts on Dr. Goldbacher’s visit look at her slides and video and video download add-on’Jon Matos will continue his duiscussion of video including the summer project from last year other video resources including: some other video resources for you to consult as you go to the field next week: NewsU self-directed […]

Dr. Goldbacher

Here is the video from last week’s class. Note that audio levels are low—last time you might recall with Tom Wingert he was in front of the desk. So that slight distance makes a difference. You can download this and use a bit of it in your groups video, and try to boost the audio […]

Dr. Goldbacher’s slides

Here are Dr. Goldbacher’s PowerPoint slides from last night’s presentation. I’ll post a video to YouTube video eventually, probably early next week. So watch this space.

Also no news yet on plans for next weekend. And slideshow deadline as we said last night is to be determined.

April 3

Main areas for tonight are planning for slideshows and video, prep for our visitor at 7, the “press conference,” and post assignment, and looking at slideshow design and tutorials, then practice with my photos and sound file, and try embedding a test in your blog. A reminder that we will be in lab in Holroyd […]