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Feb. 27

OK—hope you are all up on what happened with the new nutrition labels. Here is tonight’s agenda:

take a look at the posts yesterday and assign you the next Nutrition Issues post: 200+ words on what was actually decided, with some art (I took my own picture of a yogurt label) and at least two […]

Nutrition (and assignment) heads-up


Do calories really count?

I’ll post a full schedule tomorrow, but for now, you should start following the story about new nutrition labels being proposed by the White House Thursday.

This is part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, which you should be following for your blog. So keep an eye and […]

Feb. 20-I

Hope you all enjoyed the storm—19 inches in Allentown in two days.

The plan, then, is to

discuss the Patch post (see Feb. 13); blast ahead with the audio assignment (see Assignments page). It will still be due at the end of the day next week, Feb. 27, so we don’t extend over spring break. […]

Audio extra

Another WordPress player demo, this time with some tips about the Audio assignment itself. And a caution that you should exit the Dashboard if you have inserted code in the Text (HTML) editor; don’t switch back to Visual to take a look as that can mean the code then IS text and won’t function.

[Audio […]

Audio II



Olympus saves files as WMA (Windows Media Audio) which Audacity can’t import. You’ll need to come to the front (or Center for New Media) to convert your files to .WAV or MP3 to bring into Audacity. I’ve got an app called Switch to do that, which you can download for a brief […]

February 13

As outlined in an email today, if we are canceled you will still

check the course blog; read article on

Patch, formerly of AOL

be sure you have finished and FTPed the HTML/CSS and PHP files and linked to them on your Other page (see revised instructions Jan. 30 Part II post) […]

Feb. 6

Agenda for this week:

finish the HTML/CSS/PHP and FTP them to a page (e.g. Other or Tech Stuff); be sure these are up by next week, Feb. 13 hand back and go over Tom Wingert posts; note lessons for later get a handout on AP style for subsequent blog posts; assign another post on issues […]