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Jan. 30 II

First the overview:


  • there’s a visit from Mary Kay Meeks, executive director of Face to Face next Tuesday, Feb. 4 12:30 in the Dunleavy Room (Union); you are welcome to come, shoot some photos/video
  • all blogs are up on the sidebar
  • look at the items to check in Part I below
  • check in on the photo assignment and blog post due next week, noting Vimeo page, the Journalist’s Toolkit and Mark Johnson on cameras and these cheat sheets and these tips from on using photos in blogs
  • be sure you can optimize a photo in Photoshop and post it on your blog
  • look at the writing tips from (below)
  • think a bit about crowdsourcing, blogging and online journalsim with Clay Shirky, The Verge and Jay Rosen (below)



  • the crash course in code as noted in the post below
  • the instructions follow; you need these three files linked on your Other page by next class (Feb. 6)

Here is the Homework Assignment for HTML, CSS and PHP:

  1. Create an HTML page in Notepad with the basic skeleton (see Briggs p. 23) that includes: <h1> <p> <ul> <a href=”blahblah” target=”_blank”>
  2. Add CSS rules (Briggs p. 29) for body {} h1 {} in a <style>   </style> element in the <head> element
  3. Save page as test.html in Notepad.
  4. FTP that using Filezilla to Host = User name = (standard) Password = 12345_abc (first 5 of SSN, underscore, first 3 of last name); put file IN your public_html folder
  5. View in the browser: URL is of the form
  6. Make a PHP page with the basic HTML skeleton, call it  sum.php with a section of PHP <?php … ?> that declares $a =5; $b = 7; $sum = $a + $b; echo “The total is $sum”;
  7. Also FTP that page to your public_html folder
  8. View in the browser: URL is of the form
  9. Make links to these twofiles, explaining what you did, on the Other page of your blog

Due Feb. 13 at the end of the day. If you cannot get in to the alpha server, let me know today and I will have IT send you a new password this week

The Filezilla window

The Filezilla window

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