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Jan. 30 II

First the overview:


there’s a visit from Mary Kay Meeks, executive director of Face to Face next Tuesday, Feb. 4 12:30 in the Dunleavy Room (Union); you are welcome to come, shoot some photos/video all blogs are up on the sidebar look at the items to check in Part I below check in on […]

Blogging tips

From, a good place to know. You can read more about it in their post.

Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.


January 30: I

Agenda for part one today. Be sure you are good with the following:

Be able to optimize a photo in Photoshop Be able to post photos to your blog (Add Media button above the ribbon) Continue review of your WordPress blog. Note that I am now on WordPress 3.5 (as are you). Note new options […]

Tom’s talk

Here is the talk Tom gave last night. Note if you watch this directly on YouTube the quality is better–any thoughts?


January 23

OK—hope you all survived the snow.

The agenda for tonight:

be sure I have the URL for your blog so I can post them in the sidebar go over the basics of your blog to be sure it’s up: Title, tagline, first post, About page, your profile/photo, did you use categories and tags for your […]

Tom Wingert on HuffPo

As promised, here are two posts by Tom. As he is coming to speak to class next week (Jan. 23) it would be good if you read these beforehand. Try to come in with some questions.

A Fire Spreads Why Cooperation is Key to Creating Change

Tom Wingert

For example, how does his […]

January 16

Each week there will be a post or two that will make up our schedule for the classes. Blogs, of course, add the most recent post to the top, so take a look at the date of posting to find the post to start with.

Today, we are going to:

talk a bit about blogs […]

Huff and puff — no trolls here

OK—here’s one more to get us going. The Huffingtom Post last month decided to require all commenters to their site to be registered. Think about that:

what is gained by this move? what or who is lost? how will this affect their community? are there alternatives?

Read this piece, also from Poynter and let’s see […]

Ethics and the college press

Some food for thought from the Poynter Institute (a place you should get to know). Should college papers stop printing names of students accused or convicted of minor crimes on campus? Should public universities (such as U. Conn) have different policies than private ones (such as La Salle)?

So here’s the piece on dropping […]