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Twitter for journalists

This one deserves its own post. At the top of of Twitter for Newsrooms you’ll see a link to a 25-page PDF on what they think you should know, and also one for sports reporters.

I’ll also post this in the sidebar as well under Journalism and Social Media.


April 29 social media

For the rest of these, I’ll just post a few links:

Facebook has its own page for Journalists. The moderator is Vadim Lavrusik Early (2009) Poynter piece on use of Facebook by journalists Some Twitter tips: from Poynter (Kelly Fincham) Jay Rosen (NYU prof.) Leslie-Jean Thornton’s Twitter cheat sheet Sree Srinivasan (Columbia dean) from CollegeMedia […]

April 29

Some links left on data, maps to go over from Wednesday. ONA member Ken Blake says no journalism student should graduate without knowing the basics of spreadsheets (Excel) and I’d add databases (Access). So you should be sure you can make your own Excel chart and post it in your final blog post.

Here are […]

April 24

OK—the final assignment is up on the Assignments page, and it also links to a rubric that will be used in grading the video component. We’ll take a look at those two documents.

Then it’s last call for slideshows (three people), with some time at the end to resolve those, as well as to allow […]

April 22


you should have access to Holroyd 165 with ID swipe; they have FCP 6 (CS2) so you can’t edit on 7 and continue there, but you can start there and finish it on 7; also Jon can be available if you come to that room at 2 this Friday and next Vinny Vela will […]

Video formats

OK—here is a chart of some basic video formats. Our goal is to capture good enough HD that we could produce a DVD or broadcast-quality video, but also to post it on YouTube or Vimeo in a format to optimize file size and quality.

For posting on Vimeo, see these guidelines (videos on the right […]

Henstenburg, Palermo IV

Here’s the last one. About 7 minutes. First thing in response to the question (Lauren’s ?) about her research is the notion of “positive deviants,” people who do better than expected.

Education, working through churches stores (sort of the whole project) explained (3:10)

Dana’s work with FG customers doing lessons on weight loss, etc. (4:10)


Henstenburg, Palermo III

Here’s Part 3: about 11:40 long.

At the 2:30 to 3:30 mark they discuss the fact that Philly doesn’t have the money to support school lunch programs (good quote for Wagner team, perhaps)

Cooking skills are going away (5:00)

Access to good food is not enough (7:30) people need to buy more at FG, it […]

Henstenburg, Palermo interview II

Here’s part 2. It’s about 10 minutes. Early on Jule Ann talks about how there are two groups—those who can shop elsewhere easily and those who can’t.

Also at about 3:30 she describes the “big dilemma” which is that lower SES people tend to be more obese.

At 6:20 she says that malnutrition directly impacts […]

Henstenburg, Palermo interview I

I’ll post these here in four parts. Jon Matos also will have video (he was closer) so stay tuned for that (check his blog). These are going to be on YouTube, so get the downloader add-on (see my YouTube video post below.

This one is 8:50 long. Note levels are still a bit low for […]

April 17

Hope everyone is ready for the interview/video with our guest. Before we get to that a few pieces of housekeeping:

remaining reporting plans returned with comments status of slideshows (last time I checked we still have only 10 of 18); there will be time at the end of class to work on getting those posted, […]

April 15

Transition day, of a sort—hope it’s not too taxing.

Here’s the plan

Update on Soundslides project; please make a note to bring all of your photos to class Wednesday so I can get them on a USB (also final audio MP3 if possible) Reporting plans back, with discussion of Fresh Grocer issues. In continuation of […]

New slide embed

Soundslides on .com

It’s always something.

The embed tool I pointed you to is not for .com sites (that you all have), just for .org sites (that I have). This, in addition to the them you chose, is always a potential explanation of why things are odd, but I didn’t think of it till we had trouble getting […]

April 10

Continuing on …

A bit of a soap box first. Several people for various reasons, some of their making, some not, did not cover an Easter Food Drive event. In the former case, you need(ed) to come forward and admit and explain that to me; in any case, we needed to talk to make alternative […]

YouTube downloads

In connection with Bernadette’s question, You might want to get a downloader for YouTube videos.

Tools menu->Add-ons and then search for youtube download. I use one called Download YouTube videos as MP4 1.5.9

After you install it you’ll get a little button next to the Like/Don’t like icons. This one allows downloads as MP4 or […]

April 8

Big day (aren’t they all?). Three main areas to address:

Slideshows—status of content, work on Soundslides on laying out slideshow and Export to Web (see March 18 post) Issues related to press conference Wednesday with Jule Ann Henstenburg, director of La Salle’s Nutrition Program (plan on one person in your group doing a video; check […]