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March 27

The monitor is back up, so we’ll take a quick look at some of the movie reviews. That includes a reminder about embedding YouTube video (see example on Tech Notes page—we’ll do that as well).

Then we need to do some checking in on the group planning—who has a camera (our Panasonics?), what type, who […]

March 25

Right now, there is no monitor to project in class. So some plans listed here will move to Wednesday, although this was intended as a day to conference on coverage of the Easter food drive.

I would like to:

return the A Place at the Table reviews with some resulting suggestions on effective writing and […]

Video conversion, audio this week

If you are trying one of the Panasonic cameras (don’t forget they also take good-quality stills), you might want to consider this free video converter (not sure if it times out) from Cool Utils.

Free video converter (?)

Also when you are out reporting on the food drive, consider taking an audio recorder […]

March 20

First of all, things are moving along with the project—it’s going to be called Explore Nutrition, so you can use that in your slideshows, reporting, etc.

Today we will look at

two more background resources: an Economics of Obesity academic paper as a handout, and a link to the Shorenstein Center on nutrition issues look […]

Test Soundslides embed

Recall that I pasted the embed code supplied by the Soundslides embed tool (link in March 18 post) into the Text window of the dashboard, not the Visual. Also you can do more before you embed (resize it, etc.) and you should pick a template in Soundslides that fits your color scheme.


March 18

Agenda for today, mainly continuing Soundslides and introducing video:

a handout from the Wall Street Journal on menu calories at McD’s and note the food elasticities study I posted March 5 (below) reminder to get in movie reviews (should be back to you Wednesday) look at a few more instructive slideshows finish exploration of Soundslides; […]

March 13, Soundslides

Take a look at the second installment on the slideshow assignment. Then go back to the examples of slideshows on the Feb. 27 post.

You’ve got a Soundslides handout by Michelle Johnson from Gaylord Institute/AEJMC seminar. I’ll also link to another rubric for the images (Sue Robinson, Wisconsin) and a PDF on video and audio […]

March 11

Back from break, so let’s get caught up:

I’ll return your backgrounder pieces and go over some issues they raise We’ll do the same for the audio on the street (great job overall), which we’ll listen to today; be sure that you save all the files so that we can collect them later, starting Wednesday […]

Fresh fruit in urban food deserts

Just got pushed a ink to a brief piece from the Journalist’s Resource Center at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on the press. Another good place to know—take a look for now and we will come back to this as needed. Note that you probably need to go through ProQuest to read the full study.

The […]