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February 27: churches, slideshows, movie review

We now have our list of other participating churches, food pantries, etc. The best place to see them all is on the Google map that I have updated (I suggest you link to this somewhere or try embedding it as I have done here. A caution for iframe embeds is to paste the code in […]

February 25-Audio, mainly

As noted via e-mail, the mics now work with Audacity (although one headset was not working). The key is to set up the mic before you open Audacity. So we will try recording in again, as you will also need this for the Soundslides project (posted Wednesday), and everyone should be able to report that […]

Creative Commons Search + Movie

Thought I’d put this Creative Commons Search link in a separate link so as not to bury it. It’s also in the sidebar under Legal if you need it later.

Creative Commons Search

(Just a note that the logo was a transparent PNG, so I ran it through Photoshop and added a green […]

February 20


be sure comments show on your blog (Settings-Discussion-> and uncheck the two Approval boxes AND Comments -> allow if blocked comments are there) several announcements (buy NHNP raffle tickets!) the nutrition quiz to help with your blog post due Monday; also watch for a film called A Place at the Table opening March 1 […]

Audio 2



Olympus saves files as WMA (Windows Media Audio) which Audacity can’t import. You’ll need to come to the front (or Center for New Media) to convert your files to .WAV or MP3 to bring into Audacity. I’ve got an app called Switch to do that, which you can download for a brief […]

February 18


return of comments on comments, and updates therein assignment of a brief backgrounder (see below) focusing on other nutrition blogs nutrition quiz (handout from Parade) return to audio project, handout review, links

Backgrounder assignment:

You are a blogger, so we need to get in the habit of posting new content. Your assignment (due on […]

February 13

Today’s plan:

some announcements about churches, a job, the Family Food nutrition interviews (see NHNP links) a reminder to poke around the live blog posted Monday from the Journalism Interactive conference. See also #jiconf on Twitter; we will encounter content I encountered as we go along, but two points I recall from the CEO of […]

February 11

As promised in the post of Feb. 6:

I will give a brief recap of Journalism Interactive (more links to come Wednesday) Handcoding assignment returned with comments A walk through everyone’s blogs with a brief homework assignment for Wednesday (see below) A note on AP style in connection with the walk through

Here’s the assignment:


February 6

Just a summary and pointing ahead a bit. First, while there are no tests in this class, I do expect everyone to participate in discussion, do the readings, stay awake when we have a guest speaker—the usual requirements. I noted those who were actively involved today and those who chose not to be, so thanks—you […]

NHNP presentation

OK—here is a link to Tom Wingert’s PowerPoint presentation, and an embed of the video. For any MSOffice file, it’s best to save it as an Office 97-03 file (with extension .ppt or .doc) FTP it to the server, and link to that. Files made with Office 2010 versions are saved as XML files […]

February 4

First, some links from the blogosphere:

What do you think are the top social media sites? (Courtesy Poynter’s Al Tompkins). Did you hear about Applebee‘s social media meltdown? (Courtesy ONA Facebook Group) Jay Rosen frames the whole old/new journalism debate in two paragraphs (courtesy of Twitter)

Next class we will discuss these, Shirky and the […]

The Rise of Social Media

A video of Clay Shirky shared from (Note sharing from this site allows only a link, not an embed.).

Recorded 2009, as a follow-up to the success of Here Comes Everybody.

NYU sociologist Clay Shirky

The Rise of Social Media.