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January 30

OK—everyone is off to a good start with the blog set up and first photo assignment. I’ll give you some feedback next week, and you will be commenting in WordPress on classmate’s blogs, with a brief assignment. The Schedule page will keep evolving as we go, so check back there often. (And I recommend making […]

January 28

Agenda for today:

Continue review of your WordPress blog. Note that I am now on WordPress 3.5 (as are you). Note new options e.g. top left, top right on menu bar. In Settings, look at Reading to be sure your Blog is the home page and that there is enough of them to see them […]

Week 2 wrap-up, update

We did not get to a discussion of the Clay Shirky reading, “Everyone is a media outlet,” so I’d like to put that on the agenda for Wednesday. Monday, be sure everyone has a copy and has read the questions on the January 16 post.

We will also start building more background resources for our […]

January 23 Part II (photos+)

To help complete your “Urban Food” posting, we’ll use this photo, part of my continuing Florida State Fair series. You need to

get a copy (Right-click Save Picture As in IE, Save Image as in Firefox; if photo is a thumbnail itself, use Save Link As in IE or Save Target As in Firefox)) open […]

January 23

Since we all jumped in to the water last week, we might want to step back a bit and see where we are. You still need to get that first real post with photos done by Monday, but we should also make sure everyone is comfortable in the environment.

Look back at the links on […]

WordPress issues, tips

As mentioned, not getting in might have to do with which email address you supplied. So try the La Salle one if you did not (and let me know which one worked). For further work on your blogs, go to the Journalist’s Toolkit (Mindy McAdams’ site; also in the Journalism links list) and the WordPress […]

Jan. 16

Each week there will be a post or two that will make up our schedule for the classes. Blogs, of course, add the most recent post to the top, so take a look at the date of posting to find the post to start with.

Today, we are going to:

talk a bit about blogs […]

NHNP map

OK–as a refresher in making a custom Google map, here is the area for our project. Streets are Stenton (N), Broad (E), Lindley/Belfield (S) and Chelten (W):

View La Salle NHNP boundaries in a larger map

Metropolis top 10s

Studies show that people read lists on the Web (Top 10 ways to …). This time of year they are popular, of course, so to start thinking about Philadelphia community online journalism in 2013, here are the Top 10 lists from Tom Ferrick’s Metropolis, a site you should get to know as we proceed. Take […]