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Pulitzers, social media in Syria

Just to keep the conversation going … here is a link to this year’s Pulitzer Prize winners for journalism (Isabel Wilkerson did not win the General Nonfiction book award). Take a look at the lead video in the Explanatory Reporting category, noting the simple use of explanatory text as supers or separate slides, the mix […]

Twitter, Google, Soundslides

Some non-binding recommendations left over from class this week:

Watch the demo for Batch Geocode and then try it out with an Excel file. This is a key one to say you have experimented with. Super easy. For Google maps, there’s also a video (surprise—but it’s really hard to stumble upon) that sounds as if […]


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Week 12

Lots to do in these areas: Soundslides/slideshows; data visualizations, mapping; microblogging, other media

For Soundslides, follow the tutorials and the practice files below (La Salle photos, Munster Cloak music to get a quick project done, export and upload the publish_to_web folder (you can rename that) to Create a title slide in Photoshop (useful also […]

Video, NBC archives, Flips

Some bits from our discussions Monday.

Prof. Collins posted a bunch of key historical videos from the NBC archives. They are on the Information tab in the Blackboard page for this class. This should get you to the password request, or to the page if you are logged in to Blackboard. Here is the 35-minute […]

Windows Live MovieMaker

Once again Microsoft has decided to reinvent one of its own wheels. The Movie Maker that we have in the lab, which ships with Vista and now Windows 7 looks like an almost-new interface. Some of you may have access to the old version, which i discuss and used here. But for tinkering today, we […]

Week 12

OK—we only have two more classes in lab, so this week will be a busy one. The main segments will be:

Group reports and discussion about your video “mission statements” plus a look at some of the footage you plan on including Video tips on shot selection, editing, and a walk through with Windows MovieMaker […]

Week 11

This is our final week in the field, so try to get all the video, audio and stills that you need.

Be sure to keep all original video, audio and image files. Bring those next week (April 11) and we will circulate a portable hard drive to collect them.

So far no one has reported […]