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Fran Ryan talk

OK—this is going to have to be done in parts. Video is a bandwidth hog, and we have about 35 minutes of video. I used Prism to convert the files to WMV files to open in MovieMaker. Depending on what generation of Flip camera you have it will probably save as MP4 which MovieMaker cannot import.

Converting these files takes a long time. Exporting a finished video (also .WMV) takes time. I added a title slide, but did not edit this at all.  And it could use more trials for export quality—it’s not crisp.

I stopped the camera a few times, which is something you should do to make the pieces managaeable. And after I posted it on Vimeo (not YouTube) it took about six hours in the queue before it was ready. And this is only about 1/4 to 1/3 of his talk (stay tuned).

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