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Week 6

After a bit of a breather, we have a full schedule tonight. Here’s the plan:

discussion of video and photographic journalism with Kim Paynter, WHYY/ and David Fonda, Fonda Photography some other video resources for you to consult over break: NewsU self-directed course on video storytelling; compare Fourth of July videos, note tips on lighting, […]

Fran Ryan (cont.)

Here are the other three parts, each about eight or nine minutes in length. I think you’ll find these useful.

Fran Ryan talk

OK—this is going to have to be done in parts. Video is a bandwidth hog, and we have about 35 minutes of video. I used Prism to convert the files to WMV files to open in MovieMaker. Depending on what generation of Flip camera you have it will probably save as MP4 which MovieMaker cannot […]

Soundslides 1

This will be slideshow week. After a brief update and review of your audio pieces, we will jump in to telling a story with images and sound. Remember that you have guest experts to help with visual storytelling next week.

You’ve got two Soundslides handouts (from Poynter; by Michelle Johnson from Gaylord Institute/AEJMC seminar) and […]

Week 5

This week:

review audio posts, FTPing to the server; there should be time to finish that tonight some photo resources for planning your slideshow and later images; we’ll hear a lot more next week go over assignments for the slideshow watch four Soundslides videos from Prof. Culver: Basics; Adjusting images; Heds and cuts; Exporting […]

audio test

test2.mp3 (Upload/Insert from computer)

test2 (Upload/Insert from URL)

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] (using shortcode)

Blog and audio cleanup

Be sure that you have done the following by next class:

Describe your self or your blog on the About page; don’t leave that in a blog post Change the Tagline (Settings->General) so that it says something meaningful, not “Just another WordPress blog” Edit or delete the first “Hello World” post that every theme has; […]

In the news this week

As a Lasallian, we thought you might be interested in the iPhone confession app that got a bit of a reaction this week.

This piece on AOL‘s hiring spree is likely to be of interest, not just for its discussion of Patch. (Sorry—looks like that piece is no longer free online.)

And photojournalists were rather […]

Week 4

This week we dive into the research for the semester project. We will meet in Olney 124 with Dr. Fran Ryan of Temple University to discuss the Great Migration and the role of job opportunities on that event. Then we will have a brief update on posting the audio projects, and on general blog mainatenance, […]

Examples from the field

Professor Collins thought you should see this example from

Egyptian student blogger

And here’s Anderson Cooper making use of a Flip camera in a tight spot.


Audio 2

Don’t forget to look at Briggs Chapter 7 and the tips in Audio 1 below. To get started, download this practice file (Right click Save Link As or Save Target As). Try duplicating this track, add a narration (see handout).

Audacity free audio editor

Olympus saves files as WMA (Windows Media Audio) which […]

Week 3

This is the plan, or, dare we say, hope for this week:

Finish alphabet soup—PHP, and build a quick HTML page Update your blogs: tagline, pages, Hello World post, categories and tags, themes Add some widgets Discussion of photo assignment Audio in the field—how did it go? Some examples (in Audio 1 below) Audacity videos, […]