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Audio 1

For your audio, read Chapter 7 in Briggs. You should end up with a checklist of basic tips:

keep sentences and words simple; one idea per sentence repeat ideas or questions if complicated sound like you’re talking, not reading; be a performer take note of where you’re recording ideally, wear headphones get some natural sound […]


We’ll discuss the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web (they are not the same thing). We’ll then do some hands on with HTML and CSS. I’ll introduce RSS (and XML, which it’s made of) and PHP, which is what most blogs (such as WordPress) are written in. To give us a common […]

Week 2 outline

OK—here’s the plan:

Meet with Cherylyn Rush of La Salle’s Multicultural Affairs department (Olney 124); SPJ Ethics guidelines. Discuss your experiences taking photos in the community last week (Try these three questions: What did you learn? What surprised you? What do you want to know next?) Finish posting pictures, take a look at some work, […]

Media Storm

One more if we have time. Brian Storm’s MediaStorm project is a great place to go for inspiration. You might start with this story, “Finding the Way Home,” about Hurricane Katrina that could have some parallels with your final project.

And Brian Storm is doing a live chat February 2 (don’t worry, he’s not that […]

Photo basics

To prepare for your “Signs of Hope” posting, we’ll use this photo, part of my continuing Florida State Fair series. You need to

get a copy (Right-click Save Picture As in IE, Save Image as in Firefox; if photo is a thumbnail itself, use Save Link As in IE or Save Target As in Firefox)) […]


You have a handout from Jill Rettberg’s 2008 book Blogging, from the Digital Media and Society Series. When you read that his week, jot down some responses to the following:

What are the three types of blogs she defines? What can you learn from each example? What IS a blog—how do you know one when […]

Blog right in

Each week there will be a post or two that will make up our schedule for the class. Blogs, of course, add the most recent post to the top, so take a look at the date of posting to find the post to start with.

The first week, we are going to:

introduce the course […]