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Final reactions (and gravatars)

In lieu of a final exam, I want you to write a brief “take-home exam” (reaction paper) that responds to the questions below. Put a printed copy in my mailbox (Olney 141) by next Wednesday, May 5, and indicate on that other new work that is up on your blog (audio, slideshow, social media post, […]

Sharing content

There’s a growing trend toward creating outlets online for students to publish content. Sometimes this is in concert with the college paper and website (new AP word), but what’s interesting are initiatives that go beyond that. Some colleges are filling gaps that local media no longer cover, as Inside Higher Ed discussed recently.

Two that […]

Future of journalism

We will discuss where we thing journalism is going, based on the handouts from The Economist, Clay Shirky, John McManus and Beatty. Take notes as I want a post (the take-home “final exam”) on your views. You can get a copy of my notes here. These readings should be enough, but a good post will […]

American Press Institute, April, 2009

These are the three key presentations from this seminar last spring. These discussions and our look at social media should bring us to the final discussion of the future of journalism (“journalism”?) next day. Don’t forget to post on social media’s role, and you’ll get one more assignment (sort of a take home exam) next […]

Sites we discussed today

Here are some of the key sites that came up in our discussion of social media:

LinkedIn Digg TinyURL Tweetdeck (desktop version)

More social media (and video conversion)

First, the video file converter you’ll need to work in WMM is called Prism. It’s by the same poeple who make Switch for audio. Get the trial version, but use it right away as it expires quickly.

To continue our discussion of social media and their role in journalism, here are three more links:

Knight […]

Social media, part 1

This week and next we’ll return to how the face of journalism is changing, in particular due to social media. “Social media” these days probably refers to Facebook and Twitter, although you could news aggregators like diggit, MySpace for the younger crowd, and others we could add later. DO blogs count?

I want you to […]

Video in final package

Seems there are some issues with converting Flip camera MP4 files to WMV to use in Windows Movie Maker. You can make a movie in FlipShare but that’s a last resort. Also, with the time remaining, there’s no need to make a video just to practice.

I’m looking into a file converter. Bring either your […]

Maps, mashups

We will return to the Feb. 17th post for our quick visit to Google. At the end of that we will create a map and post it to your Notes page. Get at least 8 pushpins/locations.

Then we will do another Google map from an Excel spreadsheet that is here. Your example should look like […]

Update, final project#1

First, to take stock:

I need all audio (post #7) and Soundslides shows (put it on Notes page), as well as law articles.

You need to finish your video this week and post that as Post #9. That means a brief description of who the person is, and why the user should watch the video.


Video editing (WMM)

We will walk though Windows Movie Maker today, hopefully with video you have shot of your interview subject. I found out that the FlipShare did save both its original images (MP4 for most versions of the cameras) and the “shared” WMV files in Users->your folder->Video->Flipshare data->Videos, so you could use the ones we made last […]