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Video assignment

Use a Flip camera (or your own point-and-shoot) to produce a 3- to 4-minute video in Windows Movie Maker.

The video must feature an interview with an expert (professor, business owner) in your blog topic area. It can include other elements such as music, narration, and clips with other subjects, but the focus should be your expert.

Include at least two other sources either in your questions, or as suggested links.

Have a story form so that you set up the interview and make concluding comments (you could have someone record you in a “stand-up.”)

Have good sound levels, a variety of camera angles and  widths, and opening and closing credits.

Use YouTube or Vimeo (recommended) to host your video and embed the code in a post. Tentative due date is Monday, April 12. Note that this will form part of your final story/package/post.

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