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Soundslides and slideshows part 2

Your assignment is to create a slideshow with audio that lasts from 1:30 to 2:00. It needs a narration at least, but for extra credit and a better product, you can also add recorded sound/interviews and music. For free music, try  The procedure is up to you but here are some tips:

  • storyboard the show either at the start of after you have collected the images
  • for photos, remember the rule of thirds; keep the main lighting behind you (over one shoulder); vary your shot depth (wide, medium, close, extra close/macro); get a mix of action and static images; move subjects among foreground, middle ground, background; move camera above, below, left, right of the subject; if you have to, crop foreheads, not chins; don’t cut off leading lines
  • try recording the audio first, importing that, then the slides (Soundslides will fit the images to the audio length)
  • make it a narrative with beginning, middle and end; think of good opening and closing (reflecting the opening) shots
  • alternate action and still photos in the sequence
  • size photos in Photoshop to 500 X 375 pixels at 72 ppi
  • make a closing credit in Photoshop and Save for Web as a JPEG (500 X 375)
  • post your publish_to_web folder (rename it first) on and link to the index.html file in a post on your blog that explains the show to your visitors

There might be other ways to publish the video on your blog (e.g. try the Add video upload/insert button with the soundslider.swf file).

What’s this about? Well, this time, I don’t want you to limit this to your blog topic. That would be best, for your blog’s sake, but if you can’t find a topic, do it on something that lends itself to the format. For example

  • a one-time event
  • a tour of some location
  • a how-to
  • a profile of a person or an institution (you will do a video with an expert later)
  • a slice of life show highlighting something familiar
  • people on the street-—OK to do that again

These are now due on your blogs by class next Wednesday, March 31.

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