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OK. We’re going to dive into audio and Audacity. This will also be required knowledge for your Soundslides project after break.

You will produce a 90-second to two-minute audio story related to your blog topic. You need to have some narration, perhaps an introduction that lays out what follows (notably the question; see below), and at least three people “on the street” responding to the same question.

The people should be friends, students, or cohorts, not the experts you will interview later. Think of this as an audio version of “Word on the Street” that the Collegian runs.

Matt Sullivan from MultiMedia Services will be here to talk about the equipment that they have to loan, and the other services they provide. You should check your La Salle e-mail for a set of three demo files I just sent.

Here is a  rubric from the Poynter folks for audio projects.

Here is a link to Mindy McAdams’ multimedia reporting guide. Take a look at her audio tips as well.

Finally, we will watch training videos, also from the Poynter faculty (Audacity, for now).

This project is due as an MP3 file  in a blog post (not on a Page), Wednesday, March 17. Try to get the responses done over break so we can work on them next class.

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