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Think about some of the ethical issues that journalists and bloggers face. We might bring them up today, but the plan is to cover them Monday or Wednesday(heavy-duty discussion days). Use the following resources:

the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Code of Ethics (also a handout) Al Tompkins’ of the Poynter Institute “Social Media Guidelines“ […]

Online law

Our guest today is Dr. Kathleen Olson, associate professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh University. Please take notes during her presentation, and then write a brief essay (as much as you need to cover the questions below) and post it on your Notes page, or another page, if you prefer. You must refer to


Just an update

We have lots to finish from the last two posts. I made some adjustments on the Schedule page, but to reiterate the plan is

look at your blogs finish writing tips including comments on Story Structure, Tone and Details/AP visit the three Writing links and my post on How not to Blog open Firefox and […]

Delicious, Firefox, and a quick visit to Google

Open Firefox and find the following add-ons:

post2delicious official delicious add-on

You should be able to install these in the lab. The second one should add a set of bookmarklets to your toolbars. More importantly, you will need these at home. Start building your own set of delicious ( links and get used to using […]

Writing, editing

I’ll return your first posts and go over some general reactions. Look back at the notes in the Feb. 15 post and the Rubric on grading your blogs.

Then we’ll look at links in the sidebar’s Writing category:, a set of tips from, my earlier post on How Not to Blog, and a […]

Next posts

Finish two more posts by next class (Wednesday). For guidelines on what makes a good blog, and blog posts, we’ll use this rubric from Sue Robinson at Wisconsin. Next class we’ll take a look at what you’ve written to this point and continue discussing what makes a good post. Consider the following lists:

Blogging mechanics […]

Widgets and plugins, and cleanup

First, plugins technically only are allowed at a site like this one. But you might find the functionality built in to your theme, or there may be widgets to do the same thing. My site has these plugins

Viper’s Video All in one SEO Pack Akismet Sociable PollDaddy GWeather All in one AdSense Google […]

Catch up and adjustments

First, I’ll be posting some comments and changes on the Schedule page, so take a look there this week. In general, I’ll out things there that I want to be more permanent.

Second, we need to get everybody to the same point. I still need two people’s URLs, and everyone needs:

two posts of 200-300 […]

Testing an iframe embed from Google Maps

OK. This is the embed code:

View Food near my place in a larger map