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Start your blogging

After we finish our quick look at HTML, CSS and PHP, we’ll talk about RSS feeds. You need to have one set up wherever you work most often.

Then it’s time to jump in. My blog is hosted at (note the URL), which was done with a “manual installation.” You might want to do […]


First, we’ll discuss the reading from the Rettberg book, “What is a Blog?” Take note of the following for later:

What are the three types of blogs she defines? What can you learn from each example? What IS a blog—how do you know one when you see one? What are HTML and CSS and what […]

Know your competition

For next class

read the Rettberg chapter “What is a Blog?” and be prepared to discuss that Monday. explore, and for blogs that are in your proposed topic area(s). Be prepared to show an example that you like (or dislike) and save links for posting on your blog later on. […]

Static front page

I just created a static front page so that the blog is not the first thing users see. While that worked (following instructions at, it did result in another link to the front page in the nav bar. The codex suggests changing parameters in the wp_list_pages template tag, but that sounds as if it […]

Weather plug-in is buggy

Beware the GWeather plug-in. It throws a fatal error on occasion, which is very scary—the post can’t be edited, right sidebar disappears, etc. A few reboots, or maybe just some time, solves the problem so far.

Penn State student bloggers

OK. Let me post the link to the story (thanks to Elliott Parker of the Journet listserv) and then see if I can embed the video. It’s not in the list that the Viper’s Video widget adds to the posting toolbar, so I’ll have to try the code here, just inserting the URL […]

Blogging and journalism: what’s the connection?

I mentioned this in a post last week. We’ll use a thesis from Jill Walker Rettberg’s Blogging book to discuss how blogging and journalism can and might intersect. Briefly, (I’m conflating two lists) she says that blogs:

can supply first-hand reports about breaking events such as the war in Iraq or Hurricane Katrina (obviously a […]

Future of journalism w/Charlie Rose and many bigwigs

These videos were pointed out on Journerdism. I plan on using some of these for discussion in class. For example, the first interview is with Arianna Huffington (Huffingtom Post) and Tom Curley (CEO of AP and a La Salle grad). Further down, Sullivan lists some older interviews including one with Chris Anderson of Wired (and […]

Slate culture blog and story ideas

This is also from fimoculous (shows the virtue of subscribing to RSS feeds). The blogger, Rex Sorgatz, notes new “culture blogs” on Slate (called browbeat on the page but Brow Beat in the <title> tag) and GQ.

What’s most useful here is the use of a NYTimes interactive map on Netflix rentals by ZIP code […]

Top blogs of 2009

Clearly, this is not one of them. I realized late last month that I had not added a post in December, which made the calendar look bad. But I decided that that should stand as a lesson. I note that blog surveys done by Pew Research consider blogs dormant if there are no posts for […]