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Favicon, logo

Well, the embarrassing finding is that there is an Atahualpa Theme Options dashboard page (under Appearance) that I never saw. So that has wizard-like methods to change a lot of the things I mentioned in my posts last week.

Some of those (e.g. link color) would have been pretty easy to locate (css.php) but others […]

Questions for later

I seem to add the same category and tag each time, e.g. tag=images, category=images. What’s the functional difference between those, so that I don’t always do it that way?

What’s the functional difference between the blogroll and a list of links?

What are the limitations of using a site, as opposed to the manual […]

8 changes I’d like to make

Couldn’t stick to 5:

Change the favicon. In the images folder there is a favicon folder with about 50 examples. Also would prefer to use my own. Probably just an upload, but first I’d have to figure out which one it’s using. Also that image appears in header as logo.png, so would have to replace […]

Theme from scratch

Am building a theme as discussed in Lesson 6. Didn’t see the <title> that I tried to create with

<?php bloginfo(‘JBtest’); ?>

Ah—because ‘name’ is part of the command, not an argument I can supply. Fixed that now, to read

<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>

Images in header

OK—also pretty easy. The original images with Atahualpa (raspberries, leafy stuff) were JPEGs (not PNGs), at 1300 X 160. I cropped a set of three of my La Salle photos to those dimensions, and FTPed them to


and took out the originals. No need to rewrite anything in the PHP (makes sense as it […]

AdSense, Analytics

AdSense is up. I had to put the code in header.php which is where the column structure is (left sidebar). I now have an ad to find La Salle high school classmates … or to learn Spanish.

On Analytics, it is working, but still with that JavaScript error—”unterminated string constant.” I tried to take out […]

SEO part 2

Realized I have to go back and add meta tags to each post. That’s for the first in this list:

All in One SEO pack Google XML Sitemap robots.txt file posted Signed up for Google AdSense (1-2 days to activate) Signed up for Google Analytics and pasted the JavaScript links in footer.php; need to check […]