February 8

Let’s try a list this time:

  • Last call for UXPin posts (two people)
  • Return previous work
  • Discuss your preferences and The List (latest: Apple’s Swift app langauge; Samsara.js for scrolly-type layouts (from DArt grad, Jason Roeckle)
  • Admin privileges to be set up by next class
  • Look at blog folders on WordPress.org (course blog)
  • Finish presentation of UXPin posts and links
  • Another MeetUp option (HTML201)
  • Intro to Git and GitHub using last class’s intro links 1 and 2 and another (interactive), this (geeky) video from GitHub’s YouTube channel, this online run through of Git, and this Hello World! exercise that we will go through next class. Note the sections of GitHub these come from.
  • No assignments for next class except to poke around these links. We will do hands-on next time.