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April 2019
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February 20


be sure comments show on your blog (Settings-Discussion-> and uncheck the two Approval boxes AND Comments -> allow if blocked comments are there)
several announcements (buy NHNP raffle tickets!)
the nutrition quiz to help with your blog post due Monday; also watch for a film called A Place at the Table opening March 1
Jon Matos has some [...]

February 6

Just a summary and pointing ahead a bit. First, while there are no tests in this class, I do expect everyone to participate in discussion, do the readings, stay awake when we have a guest speaker—the usual requirements. I noted those who were actively involved today and those who chose not to be, so thanks—you [...]

Jan. 23-2

To help complete your “Urban Food” posting, we’ll use this photo, part of my continuing Florida State Fair series. You need to

get a copy (Right-click Save Picture As in IE, Save Image as in Firefox; if photo is a thumbnail itself, use Save Link As in IE or Save Target As in Firefox))
open [...]

January 16

Each week there will be a post or two that will make up our schedule for the classes. Blogs, of course, add the most recent post to the top, so take a look at the date of posting to find the post to start with.

Today, we are going to:

talk a bit about blogs and online [...]


Just got back from three busy days at the Poynter Institute in Florida. I was there in 2010 during the first version of the Online Journalism class, and needed updates—this one was called Teachapalooza. The best resource to table here for now is a Tumblr blog that stores many of the resources from our time [...]