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October 2018
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Ethics and the college press

Some food for thought from the Poynter Institute (a place you should get to know). Should college papers stop printing names of students accused or convicted of minor crimes on campus? Should public universities (such as U. Conn) have different policies than private ones (such as La Salle)?

So here’s the piece on dropping student names.

Creative Commons Search, Movie

Thought I’d put this Creative Commons Search link in a separate link so as not to bury it. It’s also in the sidebar under Legal if you need it later.

Creative Commons Search

(Just a note that the logo was a transparent PNG, so I ran it through Photoshop and added a green background.)

And it turns [...]

In the news this week

As a Lasallian, we thought you might be interested in the iPhone confession app that got a bit of a reaction this week.

This piece on AOL‘s hiring spree is likely to be of interest, not just for its discussion of Patch. (Sorry—looks like that piece is no longer free online.)

And photojournalists were rather agitated in [...]

Online law

Our guest today is Dr. Kathleen Olson, associate professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh University. Please take notes during her presentation, and then write a brief essay (as much as you need to cover the questions below) and post it on your Notes page, or another page, if you prefer. You must refer to

the [...]